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The Gallery team has made a decision to take a step back from actively maintaining this project. Honestly, most of the core team got active with their lives within the last couple of years and we haven’t got the time to really actively keep up with the project in quite a while. The community forums have continued to be exciting and helpful and there continues to be lots of good discussion there – but no new code has been written before 6 months and that is not likely to improve.

Why not only leave the website up and operational? Unfortunately – it requires time to maintain and police our site actively. The Gallery website is continually under attack by spammers and our servers require maintenance. We’ve been doing that for years, but it’s time to call it quits. Sometime soon we’ll make the web site read only.

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All the forum articles and topics it’s still there, but we’ll stop letting people sign in and add new content. This will greatly prevent the pass on of spam through the website while still allowing search engines to find useful content. Then we’ll put the whole site into a very low-overhead maintenance mode until we go out of money to keep it up. Then we’ll shut the website down. While the site is hibernating, some operational systems will continue to work. You can download translations for Gallery 3, for example. But at some point we’ll stop acknowledging translation uploads. So when we run out of money, translations will go away.

It’s been a great ride. I’m glad you could sign up for us with it. However now it’s time to move ahead. PS: If you are interested in taking over the task – email me and we can talk. You should be serious about it though because I’m not handing this over to somebody who just wants to utilize it for SEO purposes. My email address is easy to find. Also, I won’t be reading private communications.

They are more or less similar to games played on video consoles. Gamers use all sorts of control tools to connect to select games. Besides games played between two individuals at home, online games are played between differing people from all over the world using the internet. Browsers are accustomed to accomplish lots of activities on the internet known as internet (WWW).

They are also used to source for information on local networks or file machines. Browsers allow users to search, upload, read and download text files even, music, videos, images, webpages and other content from millions of resources available online. Google, Edge, Safari, Opera and Firefox are the most popular browsers on the market.

Besides the web browsers listed above, another category is made around the building blocks of online privacy and anonymity. At the forefront of the browsers is the Tor network, which blocks third-party snoops from seeing websites visited by a user primarily, as well as preventing visited websites from tracking user location. In addition, it permits a user to access websites that are blocked in regular browsers usually.

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