Yonka’s SERUM VITAL (renamed ELIXIR VITAL)—regenerating, Restorative Complex

OK, another change in the Yonka collection yet. Now Serum Vital is named ELIXIR VITAL. Same price and formulation, only a (in my opinion unnecessary and less appealing) name change. I’ll keep this article as it is-just know that the name is the thing that has transformed with this product. In the past (2012), Yonka experienced a package change as well as eliminating parabens from all of their products.

One of my favorite products, Mesonium 1 & 2, also went through a change: they combined the two containers into one and gave it a fresh name: SERUM VITAL. In the past, I called Mesonium “a facial in a container.” When I used this product, usually in the winter months, I really felt it made my pores and skin look as though I had just had a facial treatment. I am happy to say that after using Serum Vital for a 2-week test, the results were the same: Facial in a Bottle!

Serum Vital is a preventative, healing complex good for all epidermis types. Serum Vital replaces your night creme (for the treatment) and is used as a mega-recovery mission for that person. Some oilier pores and skin types could find this too greasy; for those of us with true-dry (oil-dry) skin, Serum Vital is a godsend!

Although it is a nighttime get rid of, Day and night I use it. Two squirts seems to do just fine and my skin looks and feels wonderful. See below for my personal instructions about how my own schedule at home. Highly concentrated in botanical extracts, this liquid (with 24 essential amino acids), truly boosts vitality and radiance for mature skin.

Serum Vital also benefits epidermis distressed by a period of fatigue, extreme exposure to sunlight, emotional stress, having a baby, as well as pre- and post-op skin care. This product fights dehydration and dryness, smooths lines and wrinkles and fine lines, and restores a visibly younger appearance to the skin. As an extra quality, I really like using this product in my own facials. When the massage therapy is done by me, I use a quantity of Yonka Serum usually. Lately I’ve tried using Serum Vital and I have to say it goes onto the just-exfoliated skin so wonderfully and makes the facial massage a dream for me personally. I really do love this product truly! For aestheticians: Serum Vital is unavailable in “professional” size.

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