Yoga & Meditation For Weight Loss: 3 Facts You Didn’t Know

Although there could be many different causes, the web outcome is the same; increased threat of disease. Being lean is not just a question of looking good; moreover weight loss is actually building your wellbeing. With that said, this issue of “weight loss” is now a growing popular subject online, on a monthly basis literally having thousands of queries. If you also are starting your bodyweight loss journey you may have already read an article of two about calories, nutrition, cardiovascular workouts and so on.

If so, it will also pay dividends reading 24 weight loss tips to help lose weight fast and 7 scientific facts why calorie keeping track of is inaccurate. Apart from exercise and diet, have you thought of using alternative procedures such as yoga exercise and yoga in your weight reduction programme?

You might not know that yoga exercise is great for weight reduction, in fact both deep breathing and yoga exercise can invoke powerful physical mechanisms that can help reduce excess surplus fat and therefore increase weight loss. Although alternative practices may generally be discounted by western technology, the metaphysical could be the key to unlocking physical weight reduction and realising your goal. With regard to putting on weight, at the most basic level, it is triggered by consuming surplus to requirements. However we should then address the reason for overeating; was it through insufficient knowledge on diet and food? Did you know what you were eating actually?

This scenario can be remedied by unlearning and relearning dietary truths to be able to take the correct action to effectively take care of your weight. Of course there are other factors that can cause overeating, for example an psychological trigger. If the reason is metaphysical a different approach in addition to improving nutritional knowledge is required. Another significant factor in weight management is our hormones. Human hormones deal with a myriad of things in our systems including our body and weight unwanted fat.

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There are certain health conditions that actually cause hormonal obesity; for example Cushing’s syndrome causes putting on weight credited to high levels of cortisol typically. Although stress can be caused by a multiplicity of things, all scenarios lead to the same outcome; a surge in cortisol. Cortisol is part of a family of human hormones know as glucocorticoids (blood sugar cortex steroid) and it is produced by the adrenal glands.

Cortisol is a catabolic hormone that breaks down proteins and fats to supply the body with readily available glucose. It appears that cortisol is interwoven into fight or flight scenarios; Cortisol primes the physical body for physical work by increasing the body’s principal power source – blood sugar. The trouble with this is that inside our “modern world” most stresses are non-physical, i.e. stresses caused by budget, work, or relationships etc. There is usually no immediate need for a rise in glucose (energy) to flee a specific situation.

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