Want To Set Up A Shenzhen Office In China?

You’ve got a great business idea, and you’re ready to setup shop in China. How about establishing an working office in Shenzhen? Shenzhen is a hotspot on the Pearl River Delta. It was one of the first cities to open to foreign trade in the 1980s, and is now home to a booming economy based on logistics, shipping, and finance.

It benefits from proximity to Hong Kong and the marketplaces of Southeast Asia. But there are extensive barriers to entry if you intend to determine a bricks-and-mortar office in China. Success comes only after a massive investment of your time, energy and capital. You’ll need to work through lots of permits and licenses.

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There will be a few months of waiting before you even open the door of your Shenzhen office. 17.month 90 US / square meter gross per. This is an increase around 5% over last quarter. Salaries and home rents are also rising with the expense of living and the understanding of the Chinese currency. 11,month 000 a. This might get you a 30 square meter office lease, an area secretary, and an expatriate chief representative officer who lives in a modest two-room apartment.

It doesn’t even include office equipment and business travel. Is there another way? Luckily, establishing your presence in Shenzhen does not have to take a big investment of money and time. There are many selections for digital offices in Shenzhen, at prestigious locations like the An Lian Building and the Lou Hu Commercial Centre. Use of a prestige city business address ? Touch down office and meeting room facilities ? A local telephone number solved by our customer support centres ? Call exchanges to wherever you are, worldwide ? Usage of a fax amount allowing receipt and forwarding ?

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