Scam Notice Of Debt

Scam notice of personal debt. A person just asked me to check on this letter that they just received. Obviously something just didn’t accumulate for a couple of reasons. The letter is after so called medical services rendered. There is no reference to what services and where. Second, I know for a fact that the person has not been hospitalized for anything. Third I looked up the business at the top of the page.

There is an organization with this name, but none of those telephone numbers on the notice match any phone number on the website for this company. I decided to call the local office of this company in our state which evidently is also not the same as where this company is located.

They are in Texas, which just reminded me of a story I read a while back again about some company from Texas suing technology companies about software licensing, I think when they were not. Obviously, this thing just doesn’t accumulate for other reason because the town already has everyone’s information and they would contact you directly rather than through something similar to this. The PO containers are not in any of their contact webpages also. In any case I’m posting the letter which will come in two languages therefore I guess it depends on what you speak. I have used off the info of this person but I needed to show you what this looks like.

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I want visitors to be familiar with these things. I’ll also post some other links to pages talking about this specific letter and company. Now I don’t know the actual company, but I know for an undeniable fact that there surely is something very fishy concerning this letter. It has also been taking place for sometime.

I know that there are legitimate collection agencies, but when they are throwing things out like this to see who bites, that’s when I have a problem. Because they don’t really have their facts right. Not to mention this is for over fifteen hundred dollars. I will not say exactly how much but just to give you an idea. So it’s not just a few dollars either. The only other example I can think of is this. We used to get arbitrary expenses at one company for things I understood that I hadn’t purchased. The good thing was that the accounting personnel would always ask me about anything that they were not sure of.

The company was small enough that I only used maybe two or three suppliers so we understood what we actually bought for my division. I just told them not to pay any of those bills because I knew they were not from any real purchases. Of course accounting understands who’s buying what and from where also.

Nothing ever happened because whoever the scammer was would not be ridiculous enough to come and claim the fake expenses. If they did, the authorities weren’t too far. In short, anyone can find your details nowadays. Be sure to verify things before calling a range on whatever you get even. Specially if you know something just doesn’t add up.

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