LASER SKIN TREATMENT For Dermatological Purposes: Who Can Perform These Procedures In Michigan?

Laser treatment has been used with limited rate of recurrence for certain dermatological applications like the removal of tattoos, acne scarring, port wine stains, and pores and skin blemishes for over ten years. However, in recent years, laser treatment for locks removal and wrinkle treatment has grown significantly in reputation, which includes consequently increased the demand for providers of laser treatment.

Thus, generally speaking, dermatological laser procedures should be performed by a licensed physician. However, MCLA 333.16276 enables a “licensee, registrant, or other specific” to execute laser methods for dermatological purposes as long as the procedure is performed under the guidance of a licensed doctor. Notably, delegation will not be permitted unless the individual involved has knowledge and consents to the laser treatment procedure being performed by a non-physician. This delegation provision further permits physician’s assistants and nurse professionals to perform these laser procedures without supervision, as long as the procedure is performed in a health care service as narrowly described by the Michigan Public Health Code (e.g., a medical center).

It should also be noted that the delegation provision will not permit physician’s assistants and nurse professionals to delegate the expert to perform these laser methods to another person. Acknowledgement by the physician that the delegated individual gets the appropriate education, training or experience to properly use lasers. Continuous availability of direct communication personally, or by radio, telephone or other telecommunication, between your physician and the delegated individual. Regularly scheduled availability of the physician to consult, educate, and review the information and practice of the delegated person in laser use. Development by the physician of written procedures and protocols to guide the delegated individual’s laser use.

These conditions clearly demonstrate the high level of care and attention a licensed doctor must exert when contemplating the possibility of delegating the power to perform laser skin treatment. The licensed physician is not only eventually accountable for the outcome of the procedure, but is also required to be easily available to assist (in person or by telephone or radio) the delegated person all the time.

A licensed doctor who is considering delegating the specialist to use laser skin treatment for dermatological purposes should address the issue in a prudent and thorough manner, as Michigan’s legislation on the problem is stringent. Specifically, utmost care must be studied when determining whether an individual gets the appropriate qualifications and training to perform the laser techniques. This compliance corner provides two tips to aid licensed physicians contemplating this delegation. Pursuant to MDCH’s position statement, a delegated individual can be a certified or unlicensed individual. Your physician should give a delegated individual with considerable hands-on training regarding the laser skin treatment to be delegated. Additionally, your physician must create a detailed written protocol or method to aid the delegated person.

This protocol can maintain the form of the manual, with step-by-step instructions to guide the person. The required tasks and duties of the delegated individual should be obviously elaborated in this written protocol. Further, the performance of the delegated individual should be regularly reviewed and evaluated. The delegated individual should maintain detailed records of all laser procedures performed under the supervision of the licensed physician. These records should also be reviewed by the licensed physician on a regular basis. It is essential that delegated individuals not only have appropriate background qualifications, but maintain a reasonable work record executing these laser procedures also.

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