How Much Money Do You Need To Own A Condominium In Singapore?

Some of you might be interested to know how much money you need to possess a condo instead. This post will let you know whether you are able one particular luxurious property in Singapore. Staying in a condominium feels not the same as staying in a HDB flat. There is certainly security, a swimming pool, a gym, barbecue pits as well as the feeling of a higher end living environment. It gives someone a rich feeling perhaps? Nowadays condos ‘re going high technology. My uncle’s condominium, which he just bought last year, has an auto lock door function.

Nice to truly have a gym with a good urban scenery? How much is the price? You are hoped by me expected that it was this price. Achieved it dash your hopes of buying a condominium? Time for you to break down the money you need so as to own one of the. 900,000 for easier computations. 900,000 condo in Singapore?

Maximum loan tenure you may take from the lender reaches 35 years now. The utmost loan amount you can take is 80% of the market value of the house. This is only for loan tenure of to 30 years up. In case your loan if more than 30 years, you can only borrow 60% of the market value of the home. This is the Loan to value (LTV) ratio.

Another thing to take note is the full total Debt Servicing Ratio (TDSR). It really is at 60% presently. This implies you can only use a maximum of 60% of your gross monthly income to pay for all loans. Suppose there is no need any other loans currently which means you can use up completely the 60% percentage.

You also take the maximum LTV proportion at 80% so loan tenure is 30 years. You can only just use 60% of your gross income to pay the loans. However, MAS requires financial institutions (FI) to use a higher interest rate of 3.5% when calculating monthly loan repayments. 720,000 loan for 30 years.

5388.53 sounds quite easy particularly if you are a degree holder working at the manager level. But remember, you still need to pay 20% down payment. 180,000. Now, it doesn’t look that cheap any more. Furthermore, you can only pay 15% of the 20% downpayment by CPF and you will need to pay 5% from it by cash or cheque. 180k by CPF and 25% by cash.

In any case even if you can afford the down payment, i don’t believe you’ll want to use 60% of your income to pay the regular monthly instalment. By the end of each month, you’ll be left with nothing at all much. Additionally it is dangerous to have such high ratios of debt to income.

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In the event you lose your job, you’ll be stressed out. 8870 would be comfortable to own a condominium. In this real way, you’ll only be using 30% of your earnings for the house. I compare the rates against 16 different banks and finance institutions in Singapore to provide you the best casing loan bundle at the cheapest interest levels.

Refinancing enquires are welcomed too. Click here to find out more on the services I provide. Do take note that there is a home loan servicing ratio (MSR) of 30% for Executive Condos (EC) bought directly from developers. This means you can only just use 30% of your gross regular monthly income to cover EC casing loan instalment.

The above condominium, The Panorama, is used for illustrations only. If it is an EC, then the particular 30% MSR is applicable. Disclaimer – The above mentioned computations are used for illustrations only. It does not reflect the real loan that you will meet the criteria. When in doubt, check with a licensed lender to find out more. 2. How much cash is required to get married and start a family in Singapore?

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