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In recent weeks, the lack of racial diversity in the modeling world has been the chat of the fashion community and I couldn’t be more happy. It’s disgusting to think that we’ve actually eliminated backward in the last ten years when it comes to representing women of color on high fashion runways and in the webpages and advertisements of women’s magazines, but we have. per yr on apparel 20 billion, there’s a stunning absence of non-white faces in the modeling world. How come this matter?

First, the style industry sets the specifications for beauty, and by not choosing non-white faces to symbolize their brand and style, the message they’re sending is that only white women meet their specifications of beauty. Girls and women are constantly reminded that they don’t really like “right” when they turn through magazines and rarely come across a woman who appears like them. The question comes up whether everything boils down to racism.

I think racism definitely plays a big role in the lack of non-white models, but it is also a systematic racism which impacts the complete industry. But this won’t explain why we had more non-white models 10 and 15 years back than we do today. The only description I can produce is that the style industry has a problem conflating race with tendencies.

WEEKS without chipping. I am like you.. I love coated finger nails too but I usually just won’t bother with it, because like you said, a day it just peels off in. That is what impressed me about these gel nails. It really is a small amount of an investment initially, but it quick pays for itself quite.

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I know they take action at salons if you wished to, you could just go and also have them done once to see if you like them before getting all the stuff to DIY. Thanks a lot for every one of the feedback! I’ve never heard of the UV nail polish and I love painting my fingernails but hate when the polish is coming off the same day! Suzie HQ- Glad you enjoyed the hub..

In fact, my nails could use just a little polish right now.. Many thanks so much for the votes up, for writing as well as for the pin. Loving this cool idea and linking this to my makeup craft for teenagers. A bit is needed by Every girl of bling and these look super funky! Vote up, sharing and pinning!

You are welcome, Linda.. Thank you for by shedding! Many thanks Jamie for the reminder that I’m due for a mani and pedi. I’m on it this weekend! KoffeeKlatchGals- Thanks for shedding by! How interesting. I am definitely sharing this. I bet she will love it..they have a great deal of different colors of glitter and a lot of pretty solid colors as well.. I’m still wearing them plus they look flawless, after a month or more even. Take care and thanks for stopping by! I love doing my nails. I’m a little at night glitter look, but this will please my granddaughter much.

Very exciting read therefore useful (voted as a result!). Jeannie, thank you a lot for the vote up! I’m happy that you loved the hub. This soak off gel stuff is amazing.. 3 weeks. If you wish to consider it, I recommend the gelish brand. It’s amazing and cheaper than the CND.

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