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It turns into a more difficult question to determine whether they do hurt in those individuals who appear to indicate no harm. Then you are dealing with the type of analysis that should be carried out but isn’t. Researchers must be probing to discover a type of map, or circulation chart, which shows precisely what vaccines do within the body from the moment they enter.

This research has not been finished. As to why they’re given, we could sit here for 2 days and discuss all the reasons. As you’ve said many times, at totally different layers of the system individuals have their motives. Money, worry of dropping a job, the want to win brownie points, prestige, awards, promotion, misguided idealism, unthinking behavior, and so on. But, at the very best ranges of the medical cartel, vaccines are a prime precedence because they trigger a weakening of the immune system.

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I do know that could be onerous to just accept, however it’s true. The medical cartel, at the best level, is just not out to help folks, it’s out to harm them, to weaken them. To kill them. At one point in my career, I had a protracted dialog with a man who occupied a high government place in an African nation. He advised me that he was well aware of this.

He told me that Who is an entrance for these depopulation interests. There’s an underground, shall we say, in Africa, made up of various officials who are earnestly making an attempt to alter the lot of the poor. This community of people knows what is going on. They know that vaccines have been used and are being used, to destroy their international locations, to make them ripe for takeover by globalist powers.

I’ve had the opportunity to speak with a number of of those folks from this community. Q: Is Thabo Mbeki, the president of South Africa, conscious of the scenario? A: I might say he’s partially aware. Perhaps he just isn’t utterly convinced, however he is on the approach to realizing the whole reality. He already knows that HIV is a hoax. He knows that the AIDS drugs are poisons that destroy the immune system. He additionally knows that if he speaks out, in any method, concerning the vaccine problem, he will likely be branded a lunatic.

He has sufficient bother after his stand on the AIDS situation. Q: This community you communicate of. A: It has accumulated an enormous quantity of information about vaccines. The question is, how is a profitable strategy going to be mounted? For these folks, that is a troublesome situation. Q: And within the industrialized nations?

A: The medical cartel has a stranglehold, however it is diminishing. Mainly as a result of folks have the freedom to query medicines. This is a vital time. Q: The furor over the hepatitis B vaccine appears one good avenue. A: I believe so, yes. To say that babies must have the vaccine-and then in the next breath, admitting that an individual gets hep B from sexual contacts and shared needles — is a ridiculous juxtaposition.

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