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This seemed to add to a sense of being in control and increased ownership of the weight management process. Participants tended to accept that lapses were to be likely plus they were prepared to overcome them quickly and get back to their weight reduction program rather than seeing such lapses as failures.

The specific weight maintenance strategies utilized by the participants were all focused on a well balanced healthy eating approach including regular meals. Planning in advance was required to ensure that approach was sustainable, and participants explained making sure they had exciting, healthy food choices available to stay away from the temptation to have a takeaway or a less healthy option.

The most common strategy was to reduce lovely and fatty foods and alcohol intake. Virtually all participants experienced increased their activity levels plus they felt that this was really important in assisting their weight reduction and weight maintenance. Finding a task that was enjoyable and that installed to their lifestyle was important to the participants. Being backed in their attempt to enhance their lifestyle was an important element for the individuals. Most of them obtained organized support from a commercial weight‐reduction group or a ongoing doctor. They were all very positive concerning this experience, and would recommend this process to others.

The support was considered useful in conditions of useful advice and ideas, as a way of making certain they regularly examined their plan and weight, so that as source or motivation of counseling when required. Support from relatives and buddies was important and equally, in many cases, family had also modified their lifestyle and were engaged in activities with the participant.

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Some participants acquired friends who became a member of them on the weight loss journeys and these individuals acted as a confidant and supporter, and may also have introduced an component of competition. The primary difference experienced by the participants between your phase of losing weight which of maintaining weight was too little positive reinforcement in the weight maintenance phase. While they were losing weight, they could see the results on the scales, they were progressing into smaller dress sizes and may buy different types of clothes and revel in shopping, and they were receiving positive comments from family and friends.

Once their weight stabilised at a lesser weight, it took the same amount of effort to maintain that weight in conditions of diet and activity levels but they did not have the positive experiences of viewing the kilogrammes drop off. The support of friends was less at this stage as they did not feel the need to offer encouragement and inadvertently pressured the individuals to consume more, feeling that these were missing out. Interestingly, the participants frequently alluded to the presence of a saboteur among their family or friends members.

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