Bernie Followers DO NOT Have A Nagging Problem With This!

The US is so unequal that a lot of the hurdle to expansion and investment (increase of capital, which is nearly always best for a society, whoever holds it) is coming from a insufficient aggregate demand. There’s also the actual fact that inequality itself carries with it a variety of social ills like increased mental health problems.

For the vast majority of our evolutionary background, humans resided in primitive communist conditions, where things were egalitarian and communal. There is some hierarchy, today but nothing even remotely near to what we see. We evolved mechanisms of detecting when we weren’t obtaining a fair shake out of social arrangements, which allowed us to activate in counterdominance ways of bring levels of hierarchy back into some normal, tolerable range.

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Risk: Preferred stock is similar to a riskier version of the bond, but is generally safer than a stock. That’s because holders of preferred stock get paid out after bondholders but before stockholders. Preferred stocks typically trade on the stock exchange like other stocks and have to be analyzed carefully before purchasing. Mutual fund vs. ETF: Which is better?

S&W Investments, LLC, is an exclusive Utility Company that acts constituents of the condition of Maryland by acquiring and managing the privileges to sewer and drinking water assessments. These assessments are commonly known as Front Foot Benefit Charges (FFBC’s). FFBC’s are established when a developer or homebuilder installs general public sewer and water utilities to provide a casing subdivision. Assessments are set up as a means to recover the expense of installing the water and sewer infrastructure.

Once the infrastructure is made, the local water and sewer power then assumes the duty for the maintenance and service of the sewer and water lines. S&W prides itself on our industry connectivity, relationships, knowledge and expertise. You can expect our services to your developer and homebuilder partners whatsoever points in the life span cycle of FFBC’s.

From the creation of the Declaration that establishes the assessments, to the purchase of assessments at a community’s infancy or several years into a community’s life, S&W is your ideal partner. Our high capitalization, aggressive approach to prices, and best-in-class transactional and management processes, creates a business environment that maximizes value for all of our constituents. 5.5 billion in development sites, including over 650 independent projects encompassing over 60,000 residential land and lots entitled to get more than 8 million square ft of commercial development.

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