Who Deserves THE MAIN Slot? 1
Who Deserves THE MAIN Slot?

The season we vote for the best of the greatest of CSR reports. CRRA 10 (Corporate Register Reporting Awards for the uninitiated) is open to votes from all West End Cyberspace residents. I am wondering how the storyline shall progress into an ultimate denouement of winners. Shall we lift the curtain and throw a spotlight on the key protagonists? It isn’t that I’m the theatrical type, I love to experiment a little just.Where do you begin and how do you choose? I addressed this in a prior post, and promised another to the get-it-all-togethers, the get-your-toes-wet and the small-is-big reports at another date.

This is that date. In the toe-wetting category at least. Every year It always surprises me just how many first time reviews there are. Several hundred, and growing each year. I always like and respect first reports, as they represent a significant step-change and catalyst in a Company’s approach to CSR and transparency. One more thing that surprises me is how little some first-timers study from the years and years and a large number of reports that have already evolved into set up reporting formats and some, not absolutely all, that are very effective. Getting on the reporting stage (that West End thing again) is very hard.

  • 2009 Top Employers in WV
  • For tax purposes
  • SCD3 : The initial data is customized to include new data. One
  • ENMG 5200 Environmental Regulations and Compliance Auditing (3 hours)
  • Reservation of old earnings to the old companions
  • Brand Communication
  • Describe the corporate performance dashboard method of strategy assessment
  • Mark Putnam

Let’s not underestimate this effort. 2008, who’s on the list for the CRRA 10 First Timer prize? Perhaps this will help you in deciding which reports to look at and which to vote for. I have exercised great restraint and outlined only ONE thing I love about each survey and NONE of the items I don’t like – haha – you will need to discover those for yourselves.

Of the 21 reports in this category, 2 aren’t GRI reports, and most of the others are GRI C level (12 reviews) . This speaks to the obvious importance of having the C Application level, as a calf up into the confirming world. One report made the ambitious FMT target (Full Monty Transparency) with an A written report, and a handful had their report assured.

Who deserves the number one slot? Judge for yourself. And vote! Independent Portuguese law firm with 134 lawyers, one of top five law firms in Portugal. A very important factor I love: Discussion of sustainability in a legal framework. This is a community involvement statement only. It includes recommendations from the community and employees’ partners. It generally does not cover any aspect of sustainability or CSR. One thing I love: Personal statements from a range of individuals. Ayala Corp. is the keeping Company for a diversified range of commercial activities in the financing, telecomms, electronics, and many other sectors.

3.5 billion. Claims to be the first conglomerate in the Phillipines that released a sustainability record. Bovis Lend Lease is a company of construction and task-management services in the real property market. 7.5 billion. The report is published under the real name of Brasil Foods, following the merger with Saida food Company in which Perdigao is the 68% partner.

Actually it can be an integrated report serving as an annual financial report which satisfies C GRI suggestions. 4,277 billion, using 14,000 people. Although this is signed up as a third party checked survey, and the GRI icon is perfect for a C-alternative party checked report, there is absolutely no evidence of a third party check. Looks like a C self-declared.

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