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The Innovative Educator

Well now this concept has come to books…the last bastion of the old business model-the only major medium that still hasn’t embraced the digital age group. Every other form of press that’s eliminated digital has been changed by its audience. Whenever a paper Television or tale clip or post or white paper will go online, readers and viewers start commenting about it on blogs, snipping their favorite sections, transferring them along.

The only reason a similar thing doesn’t eventually books is that they are locked into ink on paper. Like the Oprah, Black Eyed Peas performance, reading is currently released to the visitors with Book Glutton, a transformational tool that combines eReading with the sociable media experience. Readers can comment, chat, and discuss away. AFTER I registered for the website I was thrilled to see a few of my favorite educators (Susan Ettenheim, Paul Allison) were already onboard.

They had shaped an exclusive group with 43 of their students and colleagues and were reading books collaboratively. Of course, I requested regular membership with their group. As I appeared around I noticed many other educators had also formed groupings and were reading books this way with their students. Many of these books are available free!

I love to tell the story of while i worked well as a literacy coach and then as an instructional technology personnel developer working with literacy coaches, I often considered the literacy expert Lucy Calkins for reviews and guidance. When we discussed a one-to-one laptop program I had been launching, she said, “Why on earth would you spend everything money to give every child a laptop? Once Books Have the Opportunity to Shed the Paper and Grow their Digital Wings the implications for education generally and literacy specifically are enormous.

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When I used to be in college, I’d spend time and effort I the used-book portion of the college reserve store looking for titles containing highlights, tag ups, and notes from people who seemed smart. I adored the connection I had formed with the never-to-be-met person whose name was scribbled behind the cover of the publication. BookGlutton requires this to a whole new level. For all those scanning this thinking the remarks and conversations may be too distracting sometimes, they’ve considered that. You are able to disable or allow the feature to suit your heady desires.

Every year I save a few clients from this most elementary of errors. The first thing to do when cannibalizing your article for a fresh school is to improve the institution name. For some reason the folks at Chicago Booth don’t like it when they are recognised incorrectly as Kellogg and the reverse is also true. God help if you get this to mistake with Columbia Business School. The application form form is an actual part of the admissions process. If you fill up it out at the last minute, do a sloppy job, provide imperfect information, provide inaccurate information, or fail to include really positive information, you will be harming yourself for no good reason. I significantly suggest taking these forms.

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