Julie’s Dining Club

After eating dinner in the First Class lounge, I had taken a quick trip over to the business course lounge, just to see if much had changed since my search for a couple years back. The lounge is buffet-style, with a salad bar, a juicing pub, a hot foods area, and dessert. Yes, there’s a juicing station, and I totally forgot to get a photo of it, but there is certainly natural vegetables and fruits, and a juicer, to do your own masterpieces.

I didn’t go anywhere near it however, as there is watermelon, and I’m deathly allergic. I did so try a few items from the salad club. I really like caesar, and specifically kale caesar, but this is extremely underdressed, so there was no flavor whatsoever. The wedge with ranch was a vintage, and brought out a few of my old cravings, but, it also wasn’t very flavorful.

The roasted veggies were ok, not mushy too, but not exciting particularly. The potato salad was tasty. Small potatoes, just sliced in half, large chunks. The potatoes were properly cooked, not mushy, not al dente too, just the right amount of bite to them. And, unlike the caesar, this was nicely dressed, plenty of the creamy, mayo-y goodness. I liked this, more than anything from the First Class lounge perhaps, and, as always, I appreciated being able to just take a little bit of this or that from the buffet. The hot food was all in protected dishes, so difficult to have a photo.

I attempted a bite of the egg noodle mix fry, but it was mushy. Obviously, i am known by you, I’m generally there for one thing: the sweets. My center sank once i though saw the options, simply a raspberry lemon cake and a chocolate brownie with macamamia nuts. I tried a small sliver of the cake, mostly out of desperation. I don’t enjoy cake, I don’t like lemon desserts, and there is no frosting or whipped cream to help this out. Dense, nice, lemon-y. I didn’t hate it, but, I definitely didn’t like it. And with this, back again to the First Class lounge I went.

On my recent trip to Sydney, I had formed the “joy” of hooking up in LAX, on both my outgoing and return flights. Of course, I took full benefit of this time by exploring the lounges. And I’m going to be honest, I had been actually a bit excited to check out the newest Qantas HIGH GRADE Lounge, which I reviewed last week. But after dining in the restaurant in the HIGH GRADE lounge, I wasn’t entirely satisfied.

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Also, curiosity got the better of me. Thus, I needed to lounge hop, to the continuing business class lounge next door. I really do it for you, my dear readers! The business enterprise area is about the same physical size as the First Class area, but in the evening, it in some way got more people in it than the HIGH GRADE area even.

Yet somehow it seemed calmer, and was more tranquil substantially. On many levels, the atmosphere was far nicer. On our come back daytime visit, just like the First lounge, it was vacant mostly. It is a far more casual lounge though. Rather than a sit down restaurant, there is a buffet for food. I appreciate the buffet, because I do like to try items of everything, and when in transit often, I don’t want much meal. However, the meals wasn’t very good, and there weren’t any treat stations. Just like the First Class lounge, there are a number of different seats options, including high bistro chairs and desks.

Even when it was loaded, no one seemed to pick these, as they didn’t seem comfortable whatsoever. The lounge style seats was most popular, and this area was quite congested. There were also slightly more comfortable arm chairs. They were occupied within my evening visit, day but blissfully empty during the. There is also a large round fire pit, with round seating around it.

Very nice esthetically, but not the best use of the space. The far wing was less crowded far, even at night, I’m not sure why. Perhaps the design just wasn’t good for groups? Bar with Espresso Machine. There’s a staffed bar for hard espresso and alcohol beverages. I saw much of a collection there never.

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