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As always I am hoping this discovers you well. Thanks for joining me for the first of, what will eventually be several product reviews. The first of which is on the Kuando Busylight for Microsoft Lync. The Kuando Busylight for Microsoft Lync is essentially an existence indicator for Lync. That existence is known by me is built right in to the Lynx client. But this kind of product is used as an additional highly visible existence indicator for desk-based staff.

Why do you will need one? Imagine you’re walking around the office and want to speak to a colleague. You can view they are at their desk so you walk up and start speaking with them. And then get the familiar gesture where they point to their tiny headset, indicating they are on the call.

Not only perhaps you have interrupted your colleague but you feel, and rightly so, embarrassed for having done so. Turn that and imagine it is you on a call around, you have a little headset for Lynx, and a colleague walks over and begins speaking during your important phone call over. Haven’t you ever wished that something on your desk would glow to point when you’re on the call?

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Busylight for Lynx is a mostly plug-and-play USB peripheral which provides that glowing existence sign to your desk. Much like the Lynx client itself, Green is available, Yellow is away, Red is active. However it doesn’t stop there. Flashing Red indicates that you’re on a call and Purple shows do not disturb. The colors, if you were questioning, are customizable if you want to play with the registry. Personally I’m fine departing it by itself since changing the colors could quickly defeat the purpose.

Remember the Jellybean for OCS? What else did it do? I’m happy you asked that. It is not simply a light on a stick. I used to be completely surprised to find that Kuando added some very helpful additional features to the product. I should first describe that to make it work with Lync you must download, set up and run the Busylight Lync Software.

This software essentially pairs the USB device to the Lynx client allowing it to see and screen the presence. Once installed you will have a tray app that allows one to make changes to the alert and existence settings. You can transform Sound configurations – yes these devices have a built in speaker! You can set ringtones for IM Alerts.

Rather than making a sound on your desktop speakers (if you have any) it uses the built in speakers at the base of the device. This speaker comes with an independent quantity control through the holder app itself. It is not a Windows Playback device, but that’s not a problem. Making these devices adobe flash and make a sound is more useful than I imagined.

If you’re like me you have many applications open and Lync is minimized. If you get an IM and aren’t taking a look at the screen you might skip the toast. Even with the new Skype for Business UI, where you can choose the toast location, you’ll still might miss it. If you hear the alert you configured it’ll draw your attention to it.

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