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36-billion over the past fiscal calendar year after documenting its highest annual rate of come back on investments before decade, but warns that good investment deals are harder to come across as more large investors flood into acquisition markets. a year earlier 183-billion, which is the best annual gain in buck conditions that the fund has ever gained. the day “At the end of, the reason we’re most pleased about that is that it’s really what pays pensions,fri ” ceo Tag Wiseman told reporters. “Those results can help pay pensions for another 75 beyond and years.

This would increase access to the data for researchers, decrease the time and cost associated with transferring and storing data on local machines and accelerate genomics research worldwide. Storing data in the cloud has been proven to be as secure, if not more secure, than storing it locally. With a typical university connection it can take weeks to download datasets from major international projects like the International Cancer Genome Consortium (ICGC) and the hardware costs associated with storing and digesting those data can also demonstrate quite expensive.

With cloud computing a data set from a huge genome project can be executed in times, at a small percentage of the purchase price. The authors propose that funding agencies ask for that major data sets be uploaded into the cloud and they pay for its long-term storage. Data would then only need to be copied once and analysts would simply pay for temporary storage as the analysis was in progress. Access would only be provided to authorized research workers. Dr. Lincoln Stein, Director of the Bio-computing and Informatics Program at the Ontario Institute for Tumor Research, innovator of the ICGC’s Data Coordination Center in Toronto and a lead writer on the paper.

Dr. Bartha Knoppers, Director of the Centre of Policy and Genomics, McGill University. Dr. Peter Campbell, Head of Cancer Genomics at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute. Dr. Gad Getz, Director of the Malignancy Genome Computational Analysis Group at the Comprehensive Institute of Harvard and MIT. Dr. Jan Korbel, group leader at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL). Cloud processing is most associated with consumer products, such as storing music, photos or editing documents instantly. But in reality significant amounts of research has already been conducted in the cloud, and securely safely. Cloud computing is shared resource, giving researchers usage of storage and computing power as needed, instead of making a long-term investment in computer infrastructure. This also maximizes the utilization of the infrastructure as possible used by many researchers instead of just one single.

Well, year went earlier in a flash that! I started this website on 21st February 2013 – soon after finishing my ebook ‘DIY Pensions’. Per month later I composed a short piece (here’s the link) mainly about the stats so thought I would revise at the 12 month stage. Page views has now reached the 63 just, 000 mark which surpasses my preliminary goals. The average monthly is currently running at around 4, 500 – which works out around 150 each day. Of course, that may be the same 30 individuals each visiting the website 5 times each day!

Around 70% of page views are, not unexpectedly, from the united kingdom. Which leaves 30% from all elements of the world – USA (11%), France, Russia and Germany (all 2%) other countries include Poland, China, Australia, Ukraine, Ireland, Indonesia, Morocco and Qatar. The main sources of referring sites continue to be Retirement Investing Today (no posts from RIT for a while?), Google, DIY Money and blogspot Keeping Expert – many thanks!

The first couple of months last year began with a flurry of articles mainly on ‘fundamentals’. My purpose is to keep this section simple so I have deliberately prevented adding too many articles pretty. Nearly all posts lately have been related to the results of individual shares or investment trusts – these can be considered a little repetitive and its sometimes difficult to know steps to make them more interesting.

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There have been quite a few changes for me personally on a personal level – the main one being truly a house move last November to be nearer to family – especially new grandchildren. I suspect this will take up increasingly more of my spare time over the arriving weeks and years. However I love my investing and monitoring various portfolios so, so long as people continue reading, I will continue with the blog.

Investing in illiquid credit results in a whole set of challenges in conditions of risk oversight and valuation of the assets. Partly two of this roundtable from Insurance Asset Risk and NN Investment Partners participants discuss why counting on rating organizations’ assessment is not an option and how to reflect the illiquidity superior in the asset valuation.

Vincent Huck: What should firms do to control the chance oversight well? Do you in-house take action, do you rely on third parties such as ranking companies? Erik Vynckier: I am certainly not relying on ranking agencies. I put one particular loan to two smaller ranking organizations: one graded it BBB, the other rated it B-. Hayley Rees: That’s a bit of the stretch.

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