Skin Protection In Bakers’ Apprentices

Skin protection procedures − barrier products, defensive gloves – and skin care are widely advised for preventing occupational palm dermatitis (HD) in skin risk professions, but there is anything known about uptake levels of the steps scarcely. The aim of this handled intervention study was to quantify the uptake and maintenance of skin protection and skin care measures in first‐year bakers’ apprentices. A total of 94 first‐calendar year bakers’ apprentices were contained in the study in September 2000. The apprentices were allocated to the skin control and safety staff school‐wise to lessen contamination.

The skin security group comprised 39 apprentices who have been trained in dermis protection measures at the beginning and after 4 weeks of training. 55 apprentices were given to the control staff representing no skin area protection involvement. Standardized interviews occurred at the beginning of the training and at 4 monthly follow‐ups (FU).

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