Can Armour Thyroid Really ASSIST IN Losing Weight?

If you suffer from hypothyroidism, losing weight may become tricky and difficult extremely. You might be wondering, what has thyroid gland regarding weight gain or weight loss. You’ll be surprised to learn that basically it is our thyroid gland which regulates the major metabolic functions of the body.

Metabolism description in simple conditions is thus the pace at which the body breaks down food and utilizes nutrition for energy and other procedures. Before, we understand what is thyroid hormone substitute therapy and exactly how it can benefit in losing weight, lets understand about hypothyroidism symptoms and treatment first. Hypothyroidism is a problem of the thyroid gland when thyroid either completely stops its production of hormones or releases too less thyroid hormones for the efficient and proper functioning of the thyroid gland leading to sluggish metabolism.

While, thyroid hormone replacement therapy is the most recommended treatment for hypothyroidism, it is of two types generally, synthetic hormone substitution therapy and supplements. Although, supplements like armour thyroid are better over the artificial thyroid hormone medicines like synthroid owing to the latter’s side effects, sometimes the doctor may prescribe a combination of the two treatments depending on the individual condition. However, if your primary concern is to lose excess weight, supplements like armour thyroid along with proper diet and exercise regimen end up being the best treatment for weight loss and thyroid disorder.

  • Insulin therapy often causes unwanted fat gain in diabetics
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  • Large quantity of water intake
  • Muscular stamina
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Armour thyroid is made from the descicated pig’s hormone and is completely free from any dangerous side effect when compared with synthetic hormones. Moreover, this thyroid supplement for weight loss contains both the thyroid hormones T3 and T4 unlike the synthetic thyroid supplements, that have only the hormone T4. This makes armour thyroid all the more effective for weight loss apart from dealing with hypothyroism naturally and efficiently.

By getting the possibility to log in your meal intake you’ll have a great partner to customize your bodyweight loss plan. It calculates the number of calories you should eat every day to attain your goal weight and then depending on your activity level for the day, it adjusts the amount. So if you’ve acquired a really active day, you are allowed to eat even more to replace the calories you’ve burnt!

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