If Beauty IS WITHIN The Eye Of The Beholder, Where Is Ugly?

If beauty is in the optical eye of the beholder, where is unpleasant? Same place. These are both subjective judgements.If beauty is in the attention of the beholder, where is awful? If beauty is in the attention of the beholder, where is unattractive? The adage beauty is within the attention of the beholder includes all, and that is the beauty of the adage.

Another aspect is that beautiful and ugly both are relative terms. There is no absolute description of awful and beautiful look. The perception of every individual works in a particular way making the choice always beautiful. The others are unpleasant or not is a matter of that person’s thinking. The moot point is everything is beautiful, and at the same time everything is awful; it is one to make it awful or beautiful. That would be somebody else’s beauty. In the minds of the discriminate. Since beauty is only pores and skin deep.

I feel like I’m really slow to jump onto the Revlon Colorstay basis bandwagon, but better late than never, right? So lately, Revlon relaunched their Colorstay foundations developed specifically for combination/oily pores and skin types. Pandai la jugak diorang (they’re pretty smart) to advertise that specific product to a country like Malaysia where it’s always hot and humid.

This base isn’t exactly new, which is what made me wait to buy it at first. The old formula used to be cakey, shades were weird, and was just showing all the warning flag that any person should take a look at before buying makeup. After careful research (dude I wish I put very much effort into my books lol), I noticed that it had been hyped up again, and turn into many oily gals’ HG.

As soon as I apply onto my face, you can definitely feel it for another 10 minutes roughly. It doesn’t feel lightweight, as claimed by the brand, but it doesn’t bother me as much. Throughout the day, I myself can feel the building blocks definitely. If you’re a person who ultimately only wants lightweight foundations, then this baby isn’t for you.

Unlike my NARS All Day Luminous Weightless basis (read about my review on it here), it 100% applies better with a wet sponge (I take advantage of the true Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge) when compared to a brush. I found that it required too much effort to blend it into the skin with a brush, in comparison to a sponge.

Now, when you use a sponge, you aren’t getting the utmost coverage that may be obtained by any foundation, so I’d say if you want something full dental coverage plans; build it up. So I’d say it’s buildable, medium to full coverage. It has a semi-matte, skin-like end to it that tbh might key you into thinking that you’ve always experienced perfect skin.

  1. Store in a cool dried out place and make sure never to get any drinking water into it
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I can’t let you know how many compliments I got on my skin wearing it! The foundation doesn’t claim to have any oil control properties to it, but only that is is formulated for oily epidermis. With all the foundation, my skin definitely gets its natural vitality after 2-3 hours, but there’s something about the foundation that means it is look healthy and glowy rather than gross. It claims to have up to a day of wear, but weh siapa sanggup pakai makeup lama tu (who’s willing to wear makeup that long)? One of the major props I have to share with this foundation is how transfer-proof it is!

Now, I’m not saying it will not stain your hijab or clothing when in contact, especially without setting powder, through the day of blotting countless of times but, I didn’t see any major trace of basis transferring to the blotting paper. I was so stunned I intentionally blotted like 300 more times just to check if it’s legit. Also I loooooooooove the fact that it doesn’t break apart within my oily areas. If you have combination/oily skin, then this is an amazing drugstore base to get.

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