So You DESIRE TO BE A Fitness Trainer

Fitness Training ‘should’ be considered a respectable line of work. Unfortunately, sometimes our career choice is seen to be on the same moral aircraft as a politician’s professional helper, a snake essential oil salesman or an unaccredited massage therapy parlor attendant! This is usually because of the behavior of certain people that ply the health and fitness trade in a dubious manner.

I call it the Fitness Trainer Hall of Shame! Craig Titus was a worldwide world class bodybuilder. He was a USA Professional champion and competed in the Mr. Olympia, the Super Plate of bodybuilding tournaments. He was an individual Fitness Trainer to some celebrities. One of his clients was a guitarist for the world’s main heavy metal music group. He was wedded to Kelly Ryan, a global class rival in women’s physique contests.

Craig Titus. was a constant feature in muscle publications. He was under contract to sports health supplement companies. Kelly was popular for her gymnastic talent used within her presentation regimen. She was a favorite of the health supplement companies also. Craig Titus. had that California beach look with blonde locks tied back in a ponytail often. He had muscles just like a Greek god.

He experienced the facial features of a celeb. The person reeked of charisma out of every pore. He was my favorite bodybuilder of this era. He appeared more visual and natural than the current crop of juiced up, sinew popping, vein bulging, mega monstrosities of pro bodybuilding. Craig and Kelly in more happy times.

  • Use a tail bandage to keep your horses tail out of the way
  • Get familiar with the equipment before class and have the questions which means you don’t fall behind
  • Er is added to the end of a 1-syllable adjective
  • 1 box (4-offering size – the tiny one) Sugar-Free Orange Jello Mix
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  • 6 oz . of grain every day, at least 3 ounces which are whole grain

Craig and Kelly appeared to be the epitome of success in bodybuilding, Fitness Training, business, and life! Unfortunately, there was also evidence of some troubling character traits. Craig Titus. experienced a reputation for being a sore loser. He once walked from the stage in protest after finishing only second in a muscle building pro qualifier. Craig was known to get into an upset tirade to the judges if his wife, Kelly Ryan, was the recipient of a less than expected contest result. He had a reputation as a ‘bad boy’ with a hot temper, an easy decadent lifestyle and a roaming vision as a serial womanizer. In 1995 Craig Titus.

In 1997 he broke probation and was arresting for possession and use of steroids. He did a brief stint of jail time for this digression. He supplied steroids and human growth hormone to his rock rocker client from the music group Motley Crew. He gave the shots even. I doubt that it was any secret our golden maned Greek god was also pumping his own body with questionable enhancement products.

Then the Craig T. story gets very bizarre. Craig and Kelly acquired a woman living with them who was simply supposedly their ‘personal associate’. The woman, Melissa James, was found lifeless in a burnt out car in the desert near the couple’s NEVADA home. Melissa Jane’s body demonstrated proof morphine intoxication, possibly given against her will.

She also appeared to have been significantly beaten and tasered. When suspicion fell on Craig and Kelly, they went on the lam, becoming fugitives from regulations. They were were and captured charged with murder! Apparently one or both of these killed Melissa James and then they tried to hide the crime. The motive was unclear.

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