Completely Subjective: Linda Gregg’s “Beauty”

Linda Gregg’s “Beauty” was published in the March 25th, 2002 problem of the New Yorker. However, I ran across this poem in the 2003 release of Best American Poetry. Gregg’s poem stands stark on the web page as it is short and centered,and I came across that the freedom and pluck of both its presence and physical form translated in to the meaning I produced from it as well. EASILY were to assign a color that embodies the Gregg’s poem, I’d choose a leafy lettuce green. It is because “Beauty”, to me, is approximately the green quality of beauty, the freshness of it, and how easily it could be tainted.

“Beauty” reads in staccato. I read it such as a group of one term text messages with intervals at the final end. Even though the sentences begin to elongate towards the end of the poem, a sense of pressure lingers. I felt which i was listening to someone say something that’s been on her behalf mind. As I before mentioned, the poem’s syntax is short, anxious, and simple, yet well thought out. The connections the speaker makes from Brigitte Bardot to her own life fit perfectly, demonstrating that this thought isn’t just a burst of passion spurred on by seeing Brigitte Bardot on Entertainment Tonight.

It is coherent, thoughtful interest that retains a sense of conversation as the poem itself begins sounding like I’ve inserted in the middle of a thought – “There she was on Entertainment Tonight”. What I found to be interesting is the paradox created by Gregg between your green independence of wild beauty, and the ferocity of untamed beauty. At the start of the poem, the speaker explains Brigitte Bardot running through the forest, and on the patio looking older or “sunlight damaged” then.

Bardot running right through the forest, her “hair still long”, with your dog, is a much nicer image than her on a porch looking old. Personally, I place that Personally i think free is Waveny Park in New Canaan. I go at least one time a weekend to sit down and sometimes run or bike. “Beauty” for me personally describes the invigoration of freedom and the beauty that is included with it, as well as the dangers that true beauty brings as it distances a person from society. Gregg stays true to her common designs of desire and longing as she creates about the longing most of us feel, to be as free and beautiful as an pet.

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