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Create a share bookmark to quickly discuss web pages, videos, pictures, or other content on the web with all your Facebook friends without having to open Facebook. See the Facebook Share Bookmarklet web page for the hyperlink to create this bookmark. If you run your own website or blog using the Facebook share widget (as shown below) to quickly allow guests of your website to talk about the page with their friends. As is seen in the example below, this share icon also contains how many people have shared the Computer Hope hyperlink on Facebook.

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So eventually, when I’m ready, I will be able to learn Mandarin within an immersion environment. Even better, this program seeks to make a community of Chinese learners by offering a discussion board and other activities to find yourself in as you learn. Utilizing their transcripts also allows you to broaden your learning by learning the pinyin and people.

In conclusion, I think that this program is certainly something you will want in your mix of lessons. Serge Melnyk takes a great topical approach. Like ChinesePod, Mandarin Chinese Lessons are podcasts that may be found on Itunes free of charge. You can even download them from Serge’s website. Two great things are that the lessons contain a lot of vocabulary which is thematically organized, and Serge does a good job of enunciating the words and explaining the meaning of each vocabulary word clearly.

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If you would like to learn a lot of vocabulary, serge is very useful then. Transcripts: Like ChinesePod, Serge also offers transcripts of each lesson for a small fee. After I have paid attention to a lesson many times, I find that I could just take the transcript copies beside me while I’m waiting somewhere and read these to help me study what.

Not for beginners but ideal for learning topic specific vocabulary. However, I don’t believe that Serge’s program works well on your own because there is no systematic development of vocabulary, and not enough repetition. I tried hearing Serge when i had done about 15 lessons in Pimsleur and I gave up after about lesson 3. There were just many vocabulary words to remember and I got frustrated too.

This course is actually much more just like a regular textbook course in Chinese and made me feel discouraged in the same way a course did. However, after I’d obtained through two courses in Pimsleur, I was able to come and read the Serge lessons easier back again. Like ChinesePod, you can be helped by this course expand your vocabulary in specific areas that you would like to learn more words.

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