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Now where you purchase those ingredients makes a difference, of course. For example, if you get fresh in season produce at a farmer’s market, your bill will surely go down. When things are out of season, I lean very on frozen organic produce heavily, which is of excellent quality with a great price to complement.

Of course, where you get your meal shall change lives, too. I love to shop at Whole Foods unabashedly, and I must say i believe you can certainly do well there, pricewise. Greg is not as entirely onboard as I would like. However, when he would go to other food markets, I’m not convinced he’s saving much money, and he’s rarely finding things I like and need, like frozen organic produce or BPA-free cans. And, like a beacon of light, we found the place that resolved the score for both folks: Costco.

I’ve noticed the stories about how exactly great Costco can be for a vegan, and honestly, there are other weblogs which have done a great job of wearing down how wonderful Costco can be. I believe East Meets West Veg probably has the best post on this subject, therefore i will point you there for the best guidance.

Most people associate Costco with the Kirkland brand – and no pity there, as Kirkland has great stuff. But Costco also has huge name brands. Behold: Muir Glen Tomatoes! 6.89, my friends. And there have been other great brands, too. I have Mori-Nu Tofu and Gardein coming out of my ears!

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Definitely do not eschew the Kirkland brand, however. 4.49. THAT’S NOT A TYPO. Did I point out Costco’s amazing fresh produce selection? These veggies patties will be the best just! 13.99, just like we did. A bit of a splurge, yes, but they are really tasty without any weird franken-ingredients. And Costco’s organic frozen selection is merely amazing as well. Our fridge is full of broccoli, corn, peas – you name it, we have it! We picked up this nice organic quinoa and kale blend also. Part of the reason I don’t cook with quinoa more is I often forget to prepare it in advance and have it all set.

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