After A Thirteen YEARS OF AGE Career

Hi everyone out there, again with another ambient dub tinged experience. This mix isn’t purely dubbed out tunes but I assume it can at least carry a heavy “head nodding” bass through most of the tracks. 2010 compilation “Dark Room Beats” on one of my favorite labels “Aleph Zero”. Alexander is in esteemed company with this release which also features famous brands ambient star “Robert Rich” and minimal tech maestros “Minilogue”. Alexander has released several EPs on well-known European brands. His debut full length album “A Thousands Reasons to Be” was released by major American label “System Recordings” back 2008. His latest release is a collaboration with “Microcosmos” label friend “Aedem” entitled “Prism”.

Next we step into a sweet bit of dub from “Dubspeed Killa” featuing “Jazz’min” on the vocals. I’m not the biggest lover of vocals in dub to be honest but when it works as well this I have to give my thumbs up. This tune comes from the compilation “Global Dub Feeders” from the growing “Mighty Fat Records”. A particulary nice little comp tunes that would appeal to a wide variety of dub supporters. It features a lush variety of groovy Dub infused monitors from Australia, England, Germany, Israel, Austria and Denmark.

If anyone understands of a full release by Erdal please speak to me as I’d like to follow up on him. After Erdal is “Gregory Isaacs” . Isaacs was one of the global worlds most precious and respectable of reggae performers. In his teens, Isaacs became a veteran of the skill contests that took place in Jamaica regularly. In 1968, he made his recording debut with a duet with Winston Sinclair, “Another Heartache”, recorded for producer “Byron Lee”.

The Concords, documenting for Rupie Edwards and Prince Buster. The trio split in 1970 and Isaacs launched his solo career up, in the beginning self-producing recordings and recording further for Edwards. In 1974 he began working with producer “Alvin Ranglin”, which year he had his first Jamaican number one single with “Love Is Overdue”.

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International stardom seemed assured in 1978 when Isaacs signed to the Virgin Records offshoot Front Line Records, and appeared in the film “Rockers”, in which he performed “Slavemaster”. The Cool Ruler (which became one of is own nicknames) and Soon Forward albums, however, failed to sell as well as expected, although they are considered among his best work now. He signed to Island Records and released the record that saw him break to a wider audience finally, “Night Nurse”, the title track from his first album for the label. Although “Night Nurse” was not a chart hit in either the UK or US, it was hugely popular in clubs and received heavy radio play.

Isaacs’ drug addiction had a major impact on his voice, with the majority of his teeth falling out as a result. Sydney-based electronic music band composed of members Steve Scott, Gavin Angus-Leppan and Charlotte Whittingham. They have released three albums to date with several singles receiving regular airplay on Australian nationwide radio. The online video of their 2006 single “Under the Cherry Tree”, by Sydney-based digital visual results company “Animal Logic” won an award in early 2007 in NY. This tune comes from the group’s 1998 debut release “Live Better Electrically” released through Australian label “Clan Analogue”.

As an explorer German Popov loves to travel around Central Asia making live recordings of everything from the traditional tunes and melodies of the steppes to the present day restaurant rings of Tashkent using their tinny keyboard sound. So welcome to electronic Walachia, where folk meets Kraftwerk and where bizarre equipment and electronic sounds combine to create a totally new musical aspect.

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