A Very Different Earth

The Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Program (AMAP) has released its latest Snow, Water, Ice and Permafrost in the Arctic report (SWIPA), with recent data on changes in the arctic and exactly how they’ll affect us all. The major finding is that changes the Arctic is changing faster than previously projected.

The report calls focus on the interpersonal and financial implications of these changes. But the majority of us don’t live in the Arctic, so why should we caution what goes on up there? Many news reports (see two examples below) have centered on the statement that sea levels will rise up to 1 1.6 meters above 1990 levels by 2100. This is not strictly a finding of the SWIPA research.

High uncertainty surrounds quotes of future global sea level. Latest models anticipate a growth of 0.9 to at least one 1.6 m above the 1990 level by 2100, with Arctic glaciers making a substantial contribution. In attributing the cause of warming in the Arctic, SWIPA identifies the results of the Fourth Assessment Report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The English executive overview is within PDF here. 2. “Snow and sea ice are getting together with the climate system to accelerate warming” (positive feedbacks–see finding 12 below). 9. “The noticed and expected future changes to the Arctic cryosphere impact Arctic society on many levels,” creating both opportunities and dangers. 14. “Everyone who lives, works or does business in the Arctic will need to adapt to changes in the cryosphere”, and this will require significant investment. 15. Considerable doubt remains and more research is needed. So its findings carry considerable weight.

Time starts when the presenter starts speaking. Teams aren’t permitted to use a glide display (ex. Prototypes, props, index cards, etc. are allowed. Any helping material must be easily taken off the area within two minutes. Presenter must be there and present the presentation live and in person physically. Teams must be there to claim prizes.

Presenters are scheduled to present in arbitrary order. The day of the event A list with the presentation order will be generated. There will be no guarantee of confidentiality. Presenters are encouraged to avoid talking about topics or items which should remain confidential. Judges shall use the following criteria and weighting to guide their scoring. All judges’ decisions are final.

All teams will also contend in a 2-minute elevator pitch competition. No slide demonstration, props, index cards, etc. are allowed for the elevator pitch. The Elevator pitch is available to the general public. Audience users must remain silent during pitches. Time starts when the presenter(s) begins speaking. Presenter(s) must be in physical form present and present the demonstration live and personally.

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Teams must be present to claim prizes. Presenters are scheduled to present in random order. A list with the presentation order will be produced your day of the event. You will see no guarantee of confidentiality. Presenters should avoid speaking about topics or items that should remain private.

Up to 30 students from 7-12th quality will meet the requirements to participate in the optional KEC tradeshow. 500 prize sponsored by NetWork Kansas will be provided. Each team will be provided a six-foot table and usage of wi-fi for his or her display. KEC attendees will vote because of their favorite business to look for the award winners.

This preliminary plan can be used for general planning purposes. Cash prizes for the KEC will be granted and paid to the legal entity where one exists. If no entity exists then the prizes will be awarded to individual student team members compared to the capitalization table or proposed capitalization table submitted.

If no capitalization desk exists, reward money will be divided equally between college student associates. Cash prizes will not be paid at any time to non-students outside of an entity. If a non-student holds an equity position as indicated on a capitalization table where there is no entity present, the money prize will be paid on the pro-rata basis to only the student members listed on the capitalization table. Prize honours may be at the mercy of taxation and are the exclusive responsibility of the entity or person to whom the honours are distributed. Each entity or individual shall be required to provide a W-9 and photo release form before receiving any prizes.

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