Let Me Mentor You In Preparing For Winter? 1
Let Me Mentor You In Preparing For Winter?

We specialize in training others in beekeeping and selling beekeeping equipment. There is a lot information about beekeeping that it is confusing! How can you know what you are viewing on YouTube is the most practical method for where you live and what you are struggling to conquer with your bees? Will mites destroy your hive through the pass on of infections?

Sometimes you need answers from a trustworthy source. We’ve worked well hard for over ten years to be a source you can trust. EACH DAY In The Apiary With David- Join Certified Master Beekeeper David Burns in the bee lawn this Saturday June 30th from 8:30-11am. 2 places are open up still. This class takes place in hives.

Put a finish to all your thinking about what’s right or wrong. Getting Your Bees Through The Winter- You’ve invested a significant amount of time, energy and money into the beekeeping hobby. It’s sad to watch it decrease the tubes in the wintertime. However, most beekeepers, beekeepers which have only been keeping bees a few years especially, do not take the necessary steps to ensure their bees are ready for winter. Many beekeepers are certain to get the outside of the hive ready but neglect to get the bees ready.

Learn what must be done to make sure your bees have a sufficient amount of bees of winter physiology and enough protein to carry them through winter. Online Course-If you live too far to take our “GETTING THE Bees Through The Winter” course onsite, consider taking our online course. This course will teach you all you need to know to get your bees through the winter from the comfort of your home.

Take the course any time, on your time and effort timetable, from the comfort of your home. Save the travel and hotel expense. Click here to consider our online video course, “GETTING THE Bees Through The Winter.” If you wait around until fall to get ready your colony, it might be too past due. Wouldn’t it be nice to truly have a beekeeping mentor you can trust and contract with questions? David has places open in his BeeTeam6 mentorship/coaching program.

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Our Winter-Bee-Kind Feeding system can be ordered on August 1st. The good reason for the first announcement is because they are shipped in cooler weather, in November probably. But, we shipped them out in the order that orders were placed. So if you order early you can get yours early. However, until October to order if you wait, until December you might not receive yours.

So as a courtesy reminder place your order early if you want your item early. If you are a fresh beekeeper, be recommended that bees MUST consume an enough amount of proteins through the winter. Sugar and/or stored honey alone will not allow them to build up the brood they need to stay warm.

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