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Eczema and asthma run in my own family, kindly handed down through genetics. My buddy has asthma and I had eczema as a little girl. I’ve since outgrown eczema however it is something I’ve passed on to my children, regrettably. All my children experienced eczema at some true point during their lives.

With the first it was little or nothing severe, a little bit of eczema here or there just, after using mainstream bathroom products or temperature and hives related flare ups. With my youngest child, however, it has been plaguing him on and off since he was created and his eczema has been a lot more severe than others, plus he gets asthma as well; when he’s suffering. While I am able to reduce his flair ups by using natural skin care and Soothing Salve, the products don’t heal it.

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I feel frustrated and foolish because as a skin care specialist I should have the ability to fix him, although eczema and dermatitis (plus acne) are best handled by a specialist who deals with specifically using these conditions. Over the years I’ve tested out to implemented a number of different things such as washing new clothes before he wears them, using non-fragrance cleanup natural powder, purchasing natural fibers clothing, reducing his journal eating to practically nothing. Mostly he uses steroid based creams (much to my disapproval) to lessen major flair ups and Salve to relive his itchiness and stop him from scratching.

Nothing is very working as well as I want it to and it doesn’t help that hubby hasn’t really been support my decisions. He’s been using chemical type filled washing powders because he insists they work better and he gives our son loads of of additive filled up foods. We’ve talked about it at size, yet it’s one of those situations where one person declaring it (me) doesn’t ensure it is fact.

Enter stage kept: my pal who is a food-intolerance-expert. We’ve went to the Fedup website and learned so much information as is possible about the types of additives we have to be averting and which foods contain those chemicals. We’ve been varying and cleansing his sheets more often because he could be allergic to dust-mites.

We’ve discontinued using certain laundry liquids and powders. Soap nuts are a good choice. Bathing him regularly, at least every 2 nights, with only natural products in the water. Nothing too abundant as his body is too very sensitive. Applying soothing salve more regularly to avoid the itch and aloe vera gel to heal the wounds.

Stopped using steroid based treatments as this thins and damage his pores and skin. Booked him set for allergy testing to see what things he’s hypersensitive to. We have been at it for over a month so far and the results are along. Early on in to the new plan my child arrived with what appeared as if hives, some type of skin area reaction. This could be his body reacting to presenting the chemicals and chemical preservatives recinded. Maybe it’s a a reaction to no longer using steroid based creams.

It may be what goes on as his body flushes out the contaminants already developed in his system. There are minutes when his skin starts to clear up something will make it flare up again then, like getting hot and sweaty. I have moments when I think it’s working then memories when I think avoiding the food additives isn’t making much of a difference. Not surprisingly it’s hard to prevent them all together initially because we’re still learning what affects him and what doesn’t. You shall be stored by me submitted even as improvement. See Part 2 and Part 3 here.

Once you are done cleaning your skin, you can put cool water on that person to close the skin pores and then you know they are not heading to get sweating and muck in them during the day. This is actually the most effective way of cleaning your skin, and when you don’t already do that, that is definitely something to consider then. Just how many times per day to you clean your skin?

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