A Set Of Christmas Tags

So I began small and made a set of 4 3×3 cards to use as present tags. My mother-in-law (who passed away this past year come early july at the age of 95) always used this type of tag on her Christmas packages because she liked to write inside and I believe she would have liked these.

Three of the sentiments come in the Seasons Greeting Sentiment set from Paper Makeup Stamps. My dd who is the owner of PMS has made the difficult decision to discontinue the plastic stamps at PMS although she will continue to have everything still available as a digi. For individuals who want some very nice offers on red rubber stamps. Check it out here.

All stamps and credit card making products are 45% off! All of the papers on my tags are from the same Christmas Combo matstack. I used a variety of nestie shapes, printer ink colors, and just a little bling. Packaging isn’t my strength therefore i made a very simple little envelope out of one of the dp applied to my tags and decorated it with just a little poinsettia and slid the tags down inside. Thanks a lot for stopping by!

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Taylor Swift started playing your guitar when she was 12 years of age. How old was Taylor swift when she starded to write songs? Taylor swift was twelve when she was compiled by her first music that was when she began playing electric guitar. Did Taylor Swift dye her hair black? Taylor Swift didn’t dye her hair black.

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