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I’m always wary of checking out new foundations having suffered from a breakout almost every time I have decided to change face products. When I say I’ve tried all of them, I have really. From MAC to Chanel to Giorgio Armani I’ve yet to find a foundation that I can really call my holy grail. For the better part of a season, I was using Makeup Forever HD Foundation and I have to say when there is a basis that has come near to being a ultimate goal it needs to be that one.

It photographs properly and the coverage is excellent because you can wear it light when you wish and build it up for full dental coverage plans. However, after months of wearing the same thing I wanted to go out hence my new obtain Illamasqua. Illamasqua describe their Skin Base Foundation as ‘inspired by the cult Asian market.

Asian market Beauty Balm lotions. A more natural makeup look when I was from dinner. I really like how undetectable it looks. As well as for the negatives now. This foundation as amazing as it looks initially, does not last long whatsoever. Without powdering this foundation lasts about 2 hours and with powdering lasts at max 4 but even then it starts to oxidise and appearance uneven.

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I found this an enormous disappointment, because I fell in love with how it looked on my skin after application. I also feel for the £32 I spent, I did so not get all of that a lot more than others I’ve tried really. Illamasqua claim that this foundation is HD ready, however I did so struggle slightly with photography.

Initially using the product I did have problems with some white flashback on my face, but I performed around with MAC studio fix plus and bronzers to repair this. Nevertheless the biggest con of this foundation is it broke me out. Bare at heart my skin is extremely sensitive to foundations so i’m not completely surprised, I had been disappointed though. After about three weeks of by using this foundation I began to get small bumps around the centre of my face.

I have to say, had I not broken out from this product I would be a complete lot more optimistic and inviting about it. There are plenty of positives for this foundation, it does look amazing on your skin and I really do like the idea of how it incorporate minerals and vitamins into its formula.

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