THE KEY Question IN ORDER TO AVOID Wasting Your Time – & MOST People Don’t Ask It

I was lately speaking with a CEO customer and he told me how hard he was working: putting in 80-hour work weeks and journeying at all times in order to grow his business. Plus, he was investing a lot of money in his business as well. He was struggling clearly. So I posed a posed a question to him: how big is big?

My point was because of this CEO to stop and assess whether everything work and time he was placing into his business was worthwhile. Was his objective big enough to be well worth your time and effort? It’s a question every entrepreneur should be asking themselves as well actually. Most entrepreneurs have big visions and dreams when it comes to their businesses. In this full case, the CEO ran a very specialized software company that sold into a niche market.

1,000 a calendar year per user. 15 million a year business-;which is nothing to sneeze at. Plus, given the strong valuations that SaaS companies earn, he could sell his business to a financial or strategic buyer for a large multiple. The problem was that CEO only currently sold to a European customer base-;which accounted for no more than one-third of the marketplace, or about 5,000 users.

As we dug further, we also understood that there were no real opportunities to provide more products to his customer foundation, which is the normal move in a distinct segment market. He was stuck. Unless he made intensive investments in expanding more into the global market-;something that could take a lot and years of capital-; his runway for a business looked awfully small. He realized he was playing a losing game.

Even if he reached his target, it was pretty small still. So what did he do? He sold the carrying on business and required losing. He decided it just wasn’t worth it. While this may seem such as a shocking decision via an entrepreneur-;people who are typically optimistic and enthusiastic-;it was the right decision for this CEO. He realized that placing all that point, work, and money wasn’t going to generate the kind of return to make it worth it.

In the situation of his business, big wasn’t big enough. He was playing small ball. Now, if you’re creating a profitable and comfortable lifestyle business where you can stay home with your family, this question probably doesn’t apply to you. You’ve found what you ought to be happy. But if you’re driven to take action really big-;to put a dent in the universe, as Steve Jobs put it-;consider before you begin making the sacrifices had a need to get there. So when it comes to the right time, money, and work you’re putting into the business, take a minute to ask yourself: how big is big? If the brutal truth is that what you’re building isn’t big enough to be interesting, then it could be time to make some radical changes before it’s too past due. You merely have a limited time with this planet; make sure what it is spent by you on will probably be worth it.

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