A Black Woman’s Journey To Physical Fitness

I’ve been spending the past week authoring Black Womens’ obstacles to Fitness. Now it’s time to figure out how to dissolve those obstacles with Tips. Look out for more tips to come. So that it has become very clear to me that some women are afraid to workout because they believe they will lose their curves. Well, you can be Healthy and Curvy.

Working out and eating right doesn’t mean you will look like Kate Moss. You’ll find a wholesome balance that allows you to keep the beautiful curves. The example was presented with by me of Beyonce. Beyonce has been very successful at keeping her curves and fit. In addition to all the exercise she gets dancing, Beyonce adheres to strict fitness regimen with a ton of cardio Her body did not come easy so prepare for some hard work.

I do some research to discover you skill to have Healthy Curvy Body. 1. Click here to get great tips on how to tone your legs and thighs, it includes a video even! Different ways to to tone your legs are squats and lunges. Try looking up 8 min. You can also try the best method, running!

Check out Bodylicious: The ultimate dance workout review. And of course you must add fresh vegatables and fruits to your diets, stay from sweets away, and focus on getting whole protein and grain. I have read of places that Beyonce did the Master Cleanse diet alot, and other detoxes. Be cautious with detoxing do your research and be sure you are getting all your nutrients. In my experience my weight loss have not affected my curves really. Jogging has flattened my abdomen and I’ve decreased two dresses really. But my thighs are really thick still. The others of my body is more toned just. How has exercise affected your system? How has it affected your curves?

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  • Indulge in Healthier Foods
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