20 Ways To GENERATE INCOME Through Website

The key to building longevity online is to have your own product to sell. Digital products are convenient because the price of delivery and production is very favorable. Adobe Acrobat Professional to generate my EBooks. Watch the video below for details about how to convert a expressed word document into a secure PDF.

Looking for a seller to market your eProduct? Try eJunkie or Clickbank. This is how some earn living online. Internet affiliate marketing is the process of referring products or services from your website and earning a commission for every sale made. A reseller is a complete lot like an affiliate except you have more control over your own earnings.

Typically you buy the product at wholesale, arranged your own prices and earn on the markup. AdSense is a contextual CPC (cost per click) network allows you to partner up with Google and screen their advertiser’s text message and/or image advertisements on your website. When a visitor clicks your ads, you earn income.

Hard goods are tangible goods that you can touch i.e (crafts, jewelry, clothing, etc.) WordPress has plugins you may use like WP e-Commerce, for example. When you have a static site such as this one, most hosting companies have shopping cart solutions you can set up. You should use PayPal also. AdBrite is another CPC network very similar to that google AdSense, but their CPC is not as high. In fact, none of the other CPC networks pay as much as AdSense, however they can help supplement your AdSense income or provide an alternative if you are not able to get into the AdSense program.

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In addition to the CPC and CPM (cost per thousand/impression) advertisements, you can serve up in-line, video and full-page ads even. Clicksor is another contextual CPC program that is known to be less restrictive as it pertains to getting accepted like adsense. If you qualify, you can become a Premium Site Partner which will provide more revenue options and reports.

Chitika is another CPC network with a variety of ad types. One unique feature of Chitika is the ads only arrive when people find your site via external or internal search. Let’s say someone discovers one of your pages by looking for “blue hats” in Google. They shall see Chitika ads related to blue hats. If another visitor surfs on that same page by clicking through your site just, they won’t see any Chitika ads. Kontera displays intext advertisements on your website.

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