A MAGIC PILL For Treating Sports Injuries? 1
A MAGIC PILL For Treating Sports Injuries?

Helichrysum GAS – A Magic Bullet for Sports Injuries, Bruises and Tissue Repair: A Primer for Active Health and Fitness Readers. At it’s basis, aromatherapy deals with the utilization of volatile aromatic compounds normally produced by the majority of herb types on the planet. The difference in the chemical makeup of the ‘essential oils’ varies tremendously, therefore does the biological effect of each class of natural aromatic compound. Many are known as strongly anti-bacterial or anti-viral, others stimulate tissues regeneration, others will reduce inflammation, some are analgesic (pain relieving), while still others enhance blood circulation (and the list goes on!). The average person chemical makeup of the fundamental oil from each flower give that essential oil it’s therapeutic characteristics.

The makeup of one particular essential oil, that distilled from the bouquets of Helichrysum Italicum, includes a very synergistic mixture of substances that are regarded as anti-hematomatic (active against blood clots), tissue regenerative, free-radical scavenging (anti-oxidant), and anti-inflammatory. Before getting close to it’s possible effects of Helichrysum gas on sprains, strains and other sports activities injuries, let’s look at the reason behind these painful conditions. Take, for example, a an ankle joint twisted in a basketball game – what has occurred physiologically?

Connective tissue (tendons and ligaments) have been stretched beyond their normal measures; these tissues have suffered ‘micro tears’, which is damage to the actual framework of the cells of the connective tissues. A few of these cells are so broken that they perish, and need to be re-grown. There is certainly often additional swelling and bruising involved, which is generally the leaking of blood from damaged capillaries into intracellular space. This total leads to a loss of blood circulation to surrounding cells, and blockage of nutrients, oxygen, and waste material moving to and from those cells.

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This in truth, leads to mobile damage beyond the principal injury of the connective tissues cells. More cell loss of life occurs here, not only straight from the loss of nutritional/waste exchange for these cells, but also due to a rise in oxidative radical activity. Enter the experience of Helichrysum essential oil. It has a higher percentage of anti-inflammatory sesquiterpene hydrocarbons – this substance acts by dissipating free radicals.

The oil’s other major components include neryl acetate, a monoterpenoid ester with distinct, soothing results that can reduce stress of the tissues in the certain section of the damage. The third major component are the regenerative di-ketones, found in significant quantities only in Helichrysum oil. Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt, Advanced Aromatherapy. In ‘Medical Aromatherapy’, Dr. Schnaubelt signifies that the consequences of many essential oils can’t be described completely by the actions of their individual components – many oils’ effects are greater than the sum of their parts. The synergy of the components in Helichrysum produces a sensational therapeutic result especially.

A recent consumer of the essential oil, who was simply a professional triathlete, then cyclist, then ‘casual’ marathon runner, was having chronic pain in an achilles tendon. Overuse – and perhaps a stiff clutch on an old car – lead him to believe that despite excellent fitness, he wound not be able to be a part of an upcoming major marathon.

The injury hurt every time he ran; he previously been a proponent of alternative therapies for quite some time, with some success using DMSO for tendon-related inflammation. In this situation, the application of Helichrysum reduced pain (and likely swelling as well) in the area, and supported regeneration of the damaged tendon tissues. Helichrysum is a rare and costly oil somewhat. It has been noted in the literature that only pure gas of Helichrysum italicum flowers will have this combination of effects.

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