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I’ve been using MAC’s Studio Finish concealer (great color, as I want something with a yellowish base, but it really dries out my epidermis and looks bad within 6 a lot of time of making use of). I’m looking for something that wont respite me out or dried out me out, has a yellowish base and will cover inflammation and undereye circles well. And lastly, don’t forget that Thursday (4/5) is the previous day to get into the competition. I’ll stop recognizing entries on Thursday at midnight (U.S.

Skin type/color: Acne-prone combination skin area, VERY fair. Hair type/color: Thick, healthy, mostly straight (will frizz with wetness) and highlighted. Shampoo/Conditioner: Switch between AG Hair Cosmetics Sterling Silver (helps maintain my blonde excellent bright) and Paul Mitchell Super Skinny to keep my wild hair flat without a flat iron. Body Wash: Sabon NYC Shower Oil in Ginger Orange. Keeps my skin area clean, damp and the ginger lime is an excellent wake-me-up fragrance.

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Face Moisturizer/Sunscreen: Mary Kay Timewise Moisturizer with SPF and I usually use Sabon NYC Eye Cream. It’s the best products! Body Moisturizer: If I am wearing the best perfume (Japanese Cherry Blossom) I’ll use the coordinating Bath & Body Works Body Cream, normally I take advantage of LUSH Dream Cream if I’m going with another aroma.

I hate mixing scents! For my hands or quick pick-ups I love to use The Body Shop’s Hemp Hand Lotion. Toner: I tend to stay away from toner as it dries my skin out too much. I am forever jumping on this depending on mood, clothing etc. Concealer: I simply began using LORAC coverup and so significantly I’m content. Not in love though.

Powder: That is something i bounce between about 4 to 5 (really) different brands on with the end result of the majority of the time not using any because I don’t have a love for just one. 204. Just don’t show the rep that sold me it. Eyeliner: Rarely do I use an eyeliner, however when I really do I tend to use Avon Duplicity in either brown or black depending on eyeshadow color. My eyes are on the small side and eyeliner tends to close them in more.

Eyeshadow: I tend to match my eyeshadow to my dress, I am so picky about related colors! Depending on the outfit I use Clinique, Estee Lauder or some goods I have left over from my Barbizon Modeling (if you call it that) days and nights. Blush: I’m one of the few that really liked Smashbox’s O-Glow I take advantage of a teeny dab of it on the apples of my cheeks and complete it off with Cover Girl Peachy Keen Cheekers.

Mascara: Tattoo Lash by Mark or Comb Out by Mark with regards to the look I’m going for. LOVE them plus they were cheap! Lipbalm: Ohio Valley Wild ‘Erb Lip Balm – I came across this at a local faire and I looooove it. Thank god for his or her website because I lost it and my lip area were not the same.

Great stuff – it also heals burns which really is a great extra since I’m automobile accident prone. Night Routine: Basically the same as day time but I will typically take a bath and chuck in a LUSH Bath Bomb. At night Do not need the Ginger Lime zing! I also will use LUSH Ocean Salt Scrub on the times Personally i think my skin got really cruddy on my face as a cleanser instead of the Seaweed Cleanser and I also will hit the oncoming zits with the ZENO.

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