Blo Blow Dry Bar

Beauty services offered and prices vary by location. You’ve framed that work of art with tresses styled to excellence, so why not put in a little glam to essentially blo them all away? Bring in your inspo which gorgeous fresh face, and we’ll create that makeup masterpiece you’ve been dreaming of. Whether you’re aiming for a natural glow or a flawless contour, low-key lashes or dramatic smoky eye, we’ll prime, arranged and bake you with the freshest appears up, no matter the occasion.

Amp up the drama with this dreamy lashes. You’ll have everyone’s hearts aflutter when you bat these infants. Trendy or classic, we’ve got the makeup moves to ensure we’ve highlighted your favorite features. All optical eye will be you, Blo Babe! We’ve got you and your staff protected and that means you can serve some face alongside those killer dance moves.

Ask about our group bookings! For blushing brides far and wide, we’ll make your makeup dreams become a reality to enable you to focus on your happily ever after. Blo provides a beauty expert to your hotel, reception or other location to guarantee flawless makeup for your big day. Blo also offers group styling for your bridal party. If anyone here knows why a bride shouldn’t Blo, speak now or forever hold your peace!

Ask your neighborhood Blo Blow Dry Bar for pricing details. Book your blow out and makeup service now! Our beauty expert are certain to get you on point. Go ahead, stare at your reflection. Please note that there surely is an additional charge for lash software with this ongoing service. Wink. wink. smudge. smudge. Batter up. Lush lashes are a home run always.

Blo offers more than in-house makeup services. Bring beauty to your doorstep for just about any occasion with this MOTG services. Whether you’re throwing a birthday bash, slaying on stage, or have to get primped for a significant event, we’ll get you pampered pretty wherever flawless makeup is desired or required. Depending on the location, there could be an applicable travel fee. The above mentioned prices do not include taxes or 20% gratuity.

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  • The correct hygiene of the hair also helps to keep the skin free from fat
  • Treats acne
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