Ben Nevis Summit Hike

The seed is sewn. To our amusement we uncovered that the three folks got already peaked England’s highest mountain which is Scafell Pike and Wales’s highest mountain which is Mount Snowdon. None of us had conquered the summit of Ben Nevis which is the best mountain in Scotland and the UK. General consensus being the length of happen to be Fort William from Stoke on Trent and having to stay over for a couple of nights as to why not.

Further interactions unfolded resulting in annual leave being booked, transport hire and fuel being kindly donated by our employer and camping pitches reserved for two nights. We were thrilled our cash outlay was low thanks to the donation from our employer. Each of us knowing of someone afflicted by cancer or other terminal illness unanimously decided our local charity The Douglas Macmillan Hospice shall benefit from our experience.

A www, fundraising web page was created so friends, family and work co-workers could contribute to our cause. So the seed is sewn for our Ben Nevis experience. This post is a genuine though tongue in cheek photo tale of our experience in Scotland and Hiking the mountain track to the summit of Ben Nevis.

It by no means intends to be a precise guide, depict to, or influence any person how a meeting such as this should be performed. The methods which we used to carry out our experience might not be the correct way to undertake matters. Approximately 100, 000 visitors successfully peak the summit of Ben Nevis and safely return home every year, some site visitors do not unfortunately.

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A certain level of fitness and stamina is necessary, a Sunday stroll in the recreation area dressed in a tea-shirt and instructors it is not. A basic understanding of navigation is vital; ie map reading and compass use. You should notify someone of your designed whereabouts so when always. Maps of the mountain track route are readily available as is professionally qualified information and advice.

The summit of Ben Nevis is clear for approximately 60 days every year, bad weather can close in within minutes. Even in high summer months mid July-mid August there is still a risk of foul weather and almost zero visibility. Mobile phones might not receive a signal whilst on Ben Nevis.

The long drive North and Establishing base camp. I had been nominated as driver for the 368 mile drive up North to your campsite at Corpath close to Fort William. The morning We began our journey from Stoke on Trent at 06:30 in, and had a couple of rest breaks along the way and attained the campsite at 14:00 in the evening.

Fortunately we’d a good run as there were no holdups on the motorway or part roads. I came across it a little frustrating though, that the team cab transit van was governed to 71mph, if I wanted to overtake a vehicle traveling at 65mph I experienced it required the best part of 10 kilometers to overtake it. The whiff of beer wafting from the trunk of the staff cab which them pair were already taking in didn’t help issues either. After bottom camp was create we spent all of those other evening relaxing, using a barbeque and a couple of beers.

Rob was specified as the camps chef as he previously brought the dispose of barbeques, he relished the honour. I didn’t fancy doing any cooking as I’d done all the driving. Steve seemed to avoid the problem of cooking food but enjoyed the eating from it completely, though he do manage to slice the bread baps in half.

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