Reflections And Quotes Of C.S. Lewis

This is an accumulation of quotations and memorable words given to us by Mr. C.S Lewis, author of many children and Christian books. Many consider the wisdom he shared with us words to live by. The man’s intellectual knowledge, style, wit, laughter, and humbleness are characteristics many of us wish we possessed. Yet, it was what he distributed to us which have helped so many better understand their existence and place in a global filled with questions.

My hope is these words mean as much for you as they have to me. Whatever virtues we seek to have in our lives, courage is the thing that will allow us to obtain and perfect them ultimately. Do you intend to be an honest person? You’ll want the courage to speak the reality when tempted to hide it. Making the decision we know to be the correct one requires courage whenever we are tempted to take an easier or more lucrative direction.

Courage means doing what’s right regardless of the circumstances. It’s the ordinary thing that allows us to create the virtues within us. If we are Christians, we should remember that all people we encounter in life are not “mere mortals” They will in the long run, realize 1 of 2 possibilities.

They will either complete into eternal glory, or into everlasting horrors. Lewis tells us that we must understand that everyday we are in someway progressing people down one or the other of the roads. We must keep in mind this and treat others with this thought. Lewis is attempting to reveal what this means to “love your neighbor as you like yourself.” Just how do we love ourselves? We do not always like the choices we make and feel bad about doing them often, but we forgive ourselves and forget the matter eventually always.

We do not keep a grudge with ourselves. This is the way we ought to love others. We should forgive them and go on loving them im spite of the things they may do or say to us. It isn’t easy, but nothing at all worth doing is. When a person does not learn good morals and values while obtaining an education, it could be hard for see your face to not misuse what he learned for things only to benefit himself.

How frequently have we seen successful individuals let greed or success overtake them. We must understand that no matter how high our education, we must not allow it turn us in to the sort of person who uses it for things that may do harm or injustice to others or ourselves. Being a Christian we can put things into perspective. We cannot see Christ, but his words help us understand the world and the questions we often face therein.

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It is the light that people cannot start to see the source of, but that courses our route in the global world. With this Christianity, we understand everything else. I didn’t go to religious beliefs to make me happy. I knew a container of Interface would do that always. We do not merely want to see beauty, though God knows even that is bounty enough. We want something else, which can hardly be put into words.

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Lewis is one of the best authors. He has a real way of placing things into perspective and makes his work so interesting to read. Voted up and sharing. Lewis was the thoughtful Christian quite. Too few of them left today, IMHO. Among the ten most significant and important authors I’ve e ever read. How wonderful to discover a Hub explication and writing a few of his quotations.

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