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Using Google Earth

Why is (area x) blurry? When will this be up to date with better imagery? We revise our imagery regularly and strive to do in order often as possible. However, we’re unable to provide you with specific information regarding when a specific area will be updated. Also, we don’t offer high resolution imagery by order. These details will be added when it’s available from our data providers. A terrific way to stay up to date is through The Sightseer, our monthly newsletter, which illustrates our data improvements on an ongoing basis.

300 million Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development (ABCD) initiative, which will track 12 nearly,000 children across ten years. The largest research conducted on the thoughts of teenagers ever, it was launched in 2015 with experts from more than 20 research institutions, including UC NORTH PARK. The “novel strategy” Bagot programs to use: scanning teens’ brains as they view images of cannabis, pot paraphernalia and their own Instagram content.

Researchers will alter the latter, adding or subtracting “likes, ” to encourage negative or positive feelings. Taking a look at images captured by a functional MRI, Bagot’s team will see if images of marijuana and Instagram posts light the same part of the brain. As the 60 adolescent subjects will be evenly split into four groups-heavy weed users, light cannabis users, heavy social media users and light cultural media users-none will be intoxicated while undergoing brain scans.

Subjects, 14- to 18-years-old, are still being recruited and none have yet gone through a brain check. Bagot’s experiment is funded through the spring, so she plans to finish by the finish of the institution year. Education on social media, the professor said, should continue further even. Bagot said, citing instances where old Facebook or Instagram content of reckless or risque behavior have led to rescinded job offers. And those footprints sometimes track mud on other folks. Often, objectionable posts include more than one person.

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