Is It A UFO Or Hoax [video]

See unreleased Baltic Sea anomaly sonar pictures and video. If the submerged object, (USO), is a hoax, why did the federal government classify every one of the researcher’s data? A genuine unidentified submerged object is found and the pictures show a significant operations base. Is the Baltic Sea “UFO” a hoax, or do they find a genuine Millennium Falcon?

UFO believers are serious, but non-believers are snickering, in August of 2011 has resurfaced with new details and a tale that first broke. So could it be a hoax really, an underwater anomaly, or a multinational conspiracy to suppress facts that may indicate an extraterrestrial event? In July of 2011 underwater research specialist Peter Lindberg, of the research vessel Ocean Explorer, a month long seek out Baltic Sea shipwrecks was returning to port from. Following a typical return-to-port practice, they were towing an underwater sonar sled, using side-scanning sonar, to map the sea floor as they returned.

But 187 mls off the coast of Sweden the trip became anything but typical. The image on the sonar display screen appeared well described to be a natural seabed formation too, and its apparent similarity to a disk-type craft much to ignore too. Lindberg quickly called the rest of the research staff down and directed the ship to start making more lateral passes over the thing.

The above picture is the image he first noticed on the monitor. Following the initial excitement, the study team began to put together and evaluate the details of what were a non-natural seabed find. It was the sharp edge delineations of the image that highly indicated the thing was not an all natural rock and roll or sea-floor development. The object is within 300 ft of drinking water almost, and it is approximately 195-200 foot in diameter. Addititionally there is what is apparently a 1600 foot “skid-path” behind it.

Because of the nature of side-scan sonar, in loose sea-floor silt like in the Baltic Sea, it can come back images that are actually embedded sometimes, than sitting on the top rather. Efforts to look for the height of the object were non-conclusive. According to Lindberg maybe it’s 10 feet tall, or 50, and it was also extremely hard to regulate how much of the thing could be inlayed below the surface.

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The similarity of its shape to the movie starship had not been lost on the team either. It is thought that it was a staff member comment to a dockside reporter that prompted the general public comparison. It isn’t uncommon for research expeditions such as this one to pledge crew associates and research personnel to confidentiality agreements, but it is uncommon for port authorities to quarantine an appearance as they do that one.

Officials boarded the ship, even as the mooring lines were being established, and it was almost 4 hours before Peter Lindberg appeared and offered an impromptu press appearance at the foot of the ship’s gangway. According to Lindberg, because of the unexpectedness of the discovery, and the limited amount of resources offered by the time, he’d only be able to give the basics of their information.

Further study of the sonar data, and even another expedition possibly, would be needed before there could be any conclusive answers in regards to what the thing was. He referred all further questions to the expedition sponsor then, Baltic Finland LC, an trader relationship. The released documents, (supposedly from thumb-drive data a study member hidden from Swedish officials), detail an concerted and obvious effort to suppress the data from public release, but it’s the additional sonar images that are most damning. Not only do they show there is much more to the finding site than has been told, however they also show that the publicly released image was only a cropped part of the real sonar data.

According to Leigh Dostra, an imaging data analyst in Lindberg’s research group, the original sonar scans showed three unique stuff, not the cropped image that premiered just. She also mentioned that it was the Swedish officials that determined which part of the image to release to the public.

The research group motivated that images a. Indicating the original shape would have been saucer-like, not the “Millennium Falcon” shape that the media has ridiculed. Computer-matching of the two pieces show they could fit jointly, and their combined area would be almost 325 feet in diameter. They also determined that the “skid-path” was approximately 600 feet, not the 1600 feet original mentioned to the media. The longer and bigger image b., is the most incomprehensible part. It looks approximately 920 ft long, and 205 feet wide.

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