Music 3.0 Music Industry Blog: 9/16/12

I seldom cross-post to this blog from by Big Picture production blog, but I thought that this topic is worth it. It’s about a new online music delivery format called Bronze that’s fairly interesting. Could it be “dominate the world” interesting? Probably not, but I think that there will be a place for this in many genres of music in the future. I’m glad you asked.

Bronze is the first format that can alter the mix of a track with each playback. It’s non-interactive, therefore the user has nothing to do with how it’s performed back again, but each listen is different, just like a live performance. Supposedly the opportunity of hearing the same version twice is about the same as winning the lottery, and it’s not possible to freeze any version to listen to it again. Like a live performance Just, once it’s eliminated, it’s gone forever. That said, it’s possible for an designer to keep to upgrade a melody with new monitors long after it’s been released.

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Considering that some of the artist’s that I’ve caused before can never forget about a song, this may decrease their overall output of tracks certainly. Regardless of if you like a song or not, Bronze is most likely better suited for some musical genres than others (think electronic music).

As a mixing machine, I’m pretty dubious of the format, since what we do is to attempt to freeze an instant in time, but as a consumer, I’m very intrigued. A great mixer can bring certain things to the table that means it is a hit that you may not need in another blend. On the other hand, if you dig a melody really, you’ll want to listen to it over and over to see how it would change every time.

That said, which means you’d probably not want to consider new music as much, since the music you know is somewhat new each time already. That said, as a business, Bronze probably doesn’t make much sense. An archive label sells a iced archive as a product, which means this wouldn’t appeal to them.

And lawfully, how to you copyright something that’s not a set recording? But the idea of Bronze is pretty cool for the reason that it’s a distinctive use of existing technology. Now let’s see if anyone will play along. Help support this website. Any purchases made through our Amazon links help support this site without cost for you.

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