AN AREA Of Shopping, Perhaps?

There are occasions when only the best can do. That applies to travel over long distances as much as anything. Passengers who choose for Finnair’s Business Class are paying premium fares so it’s only right that their travel experience should be something memorable and special – for all the right reasons.

From check-in and baggage drop at departure to baggage collection at the destination airport terminal, every part of convenience and comfort is taken into account, and focus on detail is what makes the difference. You want to reach your business destination as fresh and calm as you possibly can, although of course you don’t need to be a business person to travel in and enjoy the pleasures of Finnair Business Class.

It’s an extremely busy ski-holiday Friday at Helsinki airport terminal. Destination: Bangkok. The baggage drop desk personnel are dealing briskly with the many arriving people, but the chance to mind right to the Business Class check-in and drop-off counter is never more pleasant. There is also a fast track security lane, and passage to the transit area of Helsinki’s Terminal 2 is completed within five minutes of arriving at the airport. It’s time to board.

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Passengers settle to their places as menus and pre-dinner drinks are distributed. It’s a tricky decision, but let’s go for pan-fried Arctic char with chanterelle sauce and boiled Lapp potatoes, followed by white chocolate wedding cake. There are plenty of small fruits and snacks in the galley if food cravings strikes later in the trip.

A place of shopping, perhaps? A last-minute gift for a business partner or an awaiting friend? The Finnair Shop has all sorts of top quality items and Finnair Plus members earn points for their purchases (just click here to get everything about inflight shopping). The watch is set five hours forward to Thai time and there is plenty of time to see the latest problem of Finnair’s inflight journal, Blue Wings after filling in the immigration forms handed out by cabin staff.

Then choose a movie using the advanced personal entertainment system provided for every individual passenger. Gradually the urge to over sleep needs. Some full hours later the aroma of warming croissants and omelette provides a soft sensory alarm. After breakfast the aircraft begins its descent. Within several minutes of getting, ahead of schedule, there’s a brief wait in line at the passport counter-top.

By the time you get to the baggage belt, the first luggage are arriving through – with Business Class Priority-labelled bags arriving ahead of the fill. Then it’s out into the Bangkok high temperature – the 30 levels here comes as the only surprise after minus 10 in Helsinki – and into town in a taxi. It’s 8,317 kilometres from Helsinki. In Finnair Business Class it feels as though it’s just down the road.

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