It Has Just Not Been My Week! (Story Log) 1
It Has Just Not Been My Week! (Story Log)

I was in the tavern executing like i normally do when Arthur Gondorff bursts in while yelling about bones and throwing off my whole performance. He really gets on my nerves sometimes, but he does pay well and he seemed to need something. I proceeded to go over to pay attention to his ramblings.

And he offered to pay 500 silver to anyone who brought the bone fragments. So we going out in a car very familiar to me, it was the living hut that some hags were utilizing that me and one of others currently with me went after. I used to be impressed he got this hunk of rock and chicken ready to go again with how a lot of lots we did on it.

  1. IPDFA Mission
  2. Weight gain or weight reduction
  3. Not reaching for this Apple
  4. The IPDFA will promote Pole Dancing as an authentic form of exercise
  5. Seasonings (optional)
  6. Calculate individual maximum heart rate
  7. The tracker has an integral altimeter and barometer

But thats besides the point. At night time by one of our watches who had said there was undead outside I was awoken. I felt sick to my stomach and couldnt focus, i knew i was already in little to no fighting shape, so i ran while the others attacked upstairs.

Before i possibly could do other things i felt much bolt or arrow seed itself deeply in my stomach, the pain was excruciating. I flew back into the building to patch myself up. This is where everything went bad. I hadnt noticed at the right time but a dwarf, who owns the hut had run upstairs and taken control of the hut but i was too busy healing and wanting to keep steady to notice too much. I got ready to sign up for the fray again after i hear a voice that provided me chills outside limited to moments later ti have the whole building shake as flames engulfed the area.

If it weren’t for my ancestors i wouldnt be instantly incinerated but i barely held onto life as i collapsed. The next matter i understand is im awake as of this dwarves feet with a ringing headache and that GODDAMNED SMELL STILL BURNING MY VERY BEING. I get and heal myself more up. Night i simply cannot perform That, i felt no passion in telling my stories and they peaked not ones interest, so i visited bed.

The following day i woke up sense far better and decided i just needed a day to myself therefore i went to simply benefit from the day. Of the night time was uneventful The rest. This day went pretty slowly throughout the first half and the tavern i perform at was quiet so i went out to the marketplace. Fragmented temple was brought up and we made a decision to head there.

About a day . 5 into our trip we ran into a sizable band of giant spiders. But i wasnt concerned too, the paladin hopped off his summoned steed and started ABSOLUTELY CLOBBERING THOSE DISGUSTING PESTS! Several spiders went after him and one managed to tie me up however the paladin sent his steed to protect me (how sweet) but that was abiut the most exciting thing that happened. We proceeded to go inside and i offered everyone a rundown of the little infi we had in this place, putting extra emphasis that there is a guardian naga in the available room to our right. We went to the last unopened door which lead to another floor and a intersection.

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