The Dream Or The Scheme?

Amway – THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO Defense? In general, it could take about 100 IBOs roughly to make up a platinum level business. That’s 1% at best and even less when you element in IBOs who do nothing at all or IBOs who start and give up. In my estimation, an extremely dedicated hard core IBO would only begin to break even or make a small amount of income at the 4000 PV or platinum level. Of course, your business framework will be a factor in determining how much you can generate. Sponsoring width gives you more profit and sponsoring depth allegedly provides you some balance.

Thus you could fairly argue that about a small percentage of 1% of IBOs break even or make a little bit of income. What real businessman would even consider opening a business where your chance of making a income is significantly less than 1%? Yes, you can claim that Amway is a business and not a casino game of chance, but a wise decision factors in your chances of success also.

Other factors that would make Amway unattractive is that the merchandise are priced higher (generally) than equivalent or the same products that exist at people’s local merchants. Yes, Amway people will argue quality and concentration factors but those arguments are simply justification for the higher prices. The vast majority of individuals are satisfied getting cheaper prices at Walmart. Also, IBOs are restricted from advertising their goods, are relegated to individual to individual advertising thus, which is the least effective methos of getting the term out probably.

Higher prices and unfamiliar products leads to what many groupings have – IBOs who “obtain themselves” to be able to earn their bonuses. Also, any bonus that is earned by most IBOs is just a partial refund on having overpaid for a product. Not to mention unless you are at a higher level in the business, your upline(s) get most of the bonus, whether you were helped by them or not. Yes, it is possible for some individuals to make some money in Amway.

Yes, some cultural people do make the right money from Amway. It isn’t easy for all IBOs to make money unless they are available products to non IBOs and we know that a lot of IBOs don’t sell anything or sell just a few what to others. We also know that the tools systems generally eat away any small bonuses IBOs earn and leave them with a online loss. For the truly dedicated IBOs, the deficits can mount into thousands and more. Can someone earn a living with Amway? The answer is that it is possible but not likely. But concerning if the Amway business and associated tools is a good idea? For thet there is no defense.

However, how much time you’ll be spending in configuring each time, for each DevTeam or LOB, a fresh CI/CD chain? Moreover, what about maintaining and updating all the the different parts of the CI/CD toolchain to be compliant with any new security requirements from your security section? How long would it take to prepare, configure, manage and deploy multiple CI/CD chains?

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Sounds just like a typical Shadow IT problem, a trend that happens when a Developer Team or LOB users can’t get a fast-enough response from the IT and hurry to a general public cloud to get what they want. In that case, the answer was to put into action automation and self-service to provides the necessary environment to the finish users quickly, with the same versatility and speed as the public cloud.

Wouldn’t be much simpler to adopt the same approach and merely automate the deployment and settings of the CI/CD chain with an individual request produced by a straightforward HTML form? Why don’t we first clarify an important point: we are not talking about relocating your CI/CD resources and process to the cloud, and eating from there then.

Nor we are talking about the automation job performed by the CI/DP pipeline (push code to the repository, the automated build of the code, test, and deployment). What we are proposing here is to automate the deployment and settings of the various tools that are part of your CI/CD Pipeline. With an individual request, you will be able to go for, create, deploy and configure the various tools that are part of your automated CI/CD pipeline. The main element things here is that the client (a LOB as an example) can determine which are the components which will be part of the CI/CD pipeline.

One pipeline could be constructed by GitLab, Jenkins, Maven, Artifactory while a different one could be composed by SNV,Travis,Nexus. Your customer will have their own CI/CD string preconfigured, ready to be used so they can be more successful and focus on what’s matter: create new feature and new applications to sustains your business and competitive advantages. Let’s now have a glance at some of the specialized and business benefits you can expect if you accept CI/CD as a Service.

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