For Track Sprinters Maybe?

The under-side and business part of the new Look Blade 2 pedals. This is the to begin a two part series on what I really believe is the main element contact point on the bicycle – the pedal-cleat-shoe interface. Contact factors with the bicycle, are big beside me. Previously I have blogged, about handlebars and even club tape – stressing their importance, as key contact factors.

As to the last point – the pedal-cleat-shoe interface is where your hard attained fitness and power is used in the bike, then to the road, and is generating you ahead! It’s more important than you think. There’s lot’s of choices for pedals. Some of this will be based on specific needs and feelings.

Full confession, I’ve been a LOOK-man since they first arrived with the first clip-less pedals back the past due 80’s. I’ve acquired various LOOK and appearance compatible pedals over time. For me personally they have always worked well, and worked well. The designs have been reasonably simple. The pedals have been durable, and easily maintained.

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They have always lasted longer, than I’d have thought given the misuse they get. My LOOK Keo Carbon pedals were beginning to show how old they are. Naturally, I first experienced a look, at the existing LOOK fall into line. For 2014, Look completely overhauled the Blade pedals – now called the Blade 2. The carbon fiber blade was widened, and moved to the very bottom and middle of the pedal. This made the pedal more rugged and, FWIW – improved aerodynamics of the pedal itself. It’s so excellent at this now, LOOK ended making a really aero Blade pedal, for the time-trialer and triathlete! For track sprinters Maybe?

Riding impressions: Fantastic – in comparison to my Keos, the connection with the bicycle seems more strong, positive and substantial. I take advantage of the grey LOOK cleats, that have a little of float and everything feels amazing. The main one slight negative that I have about the Blade 2, is, that the pedals do not naturally return, compared to that heel-down position, that the Keos, and most other similar pedal designs do.

This makes getting back in the pedal a bit frustrating at first, when you are always planning on the pedal to maintain that position – ready to use it! It’s this method for two reasons – LOOK used more robust seals on the inboard bearings, than previously, therefore the pedals don’t spin as openly when un-weighted. The bigger reason, is the weight of the pedal is currently more evenly distributed throughout the pedal and not focused in the heel – as it has been the Keo’s.

So, the pedals when you click away, if they end up up-side-down, will have a tendency to stay up-side-down, until you want to click in back again. Here, just a little flip with the toe is required to spin the pedal back into the right position, to click in cleanly back again. It will take a few times prior to the hang is got by you of this.

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