Financial Advice WHICH MAKES Cents (and Dollars) 1
Financial Advice WHICH MAKES Cents (and Dollars)

News resources say today is the 10-yr anniversary of the beginning of the financial meltdown. So it’s an chance to observe how different forms of investing behavior offered you. Did professional investment management protect you from the huge drawback in 2008 and then give you great returns in the strong intervals thereafter?

But imagine if you hired an expert like a hedge fund to control this era of turmoil; a person who should know when to remain out of the market and when to get back in? Despite their very high fees you’d do better surely, right? Well, results don’t color the picture you may expect. An index of Hedge Funds over the last 10 years has returned less than 4% annually and many of the most-respected names in hedge funds contributed to the mediocre performance. After compounding, that’s a big success you had taken for trying to time the market. Buy and Hold wins by a mile. You are unable to forecast that buy-and-hold will usually win but for individuals who believe that you must pay someone big fees to stay away from the bad markets, perhaps it’s time to rethink your strategy.

I recommend speaking with a financial advisor or tax professional if this is something you are considering since it can get complicated. You can disregard this if your IRAs are already a Roth IRA, or you don’t anticipate moving it into a Roth IRA. Now let’s see when you can consolidate your accounts to simplify your account management while still reaching your investment needs.

You now have seven investment accounts, two which are college savings, five which are retirement accounts. With some careful consolidation, you should be in a position to get these down to 2-4 accounts and still meet your investment needs. As you can see, you have the choice of combining and matching.

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The very good news is that you ought to be able to take care of taxable investment accounts, IRAs, and possibly your 529 programs under one roof. So you don’t necessarily need to keep an account open just because they have a different investment class. Again, I can’t let you know which account is best out of these options – it all depends upon your investment needs. But I can say that all of the companies are reputable and will offer you a variety of investment options that should fit the bill.

Consolidating them will just simplify things on your end. Once you decide on the best amount of investment accounts, you shall need ways to deal with them. It’s easy to get on each of them, write down the total amount, and know how much you have. But it’s one more thing to see all your accounts and balances in one place.

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