AspireAssist Weight Loss Procedure 1
AspireAssist Weight Loss Procedure

Can I call my insurance company myself to discover if I’m protected? Yes. We advise that you follow our guide in the Empowerment Packet to be sure you ask the right questions. Because the AspireAssist is a fresh technology, many insurance firms will not have the AspireAssist outlined by name as a covered method. However, there are process office and codes trips codes that are available for the AspireAssist. Are there specific requirments to get coverage? Certain requirements will change by insurance provider, and even different insurance policies within the same insurance company may have different requirements.

If your BMI is between 35.0 and 39.9, for example, you may want to have certain obesity-related conditions such as diabetes or sleep apnea. Most insurance companies also require you have documented evidence of your having tried an organized weight loss program prior to any weight loss procedure. Yes. We are able to help guide you along the way of examining your benefits, and help you determine your out-of-network and in-network benefits.

However, this does not imply necessarily that your insurance can pay or reimburse for the AspireAssist. To look further with this process, you shall need to have an appointment with your doctor. IF MY DOCTOR DOES NOT ACCEPT INSURANCE, CAN I STILL GET REIMBURSEMENT FOR THE ASPIRE ASSIST? Even if your doctor does not acknowledge insurance, you may get get full or incomplete reimbursement still. Please download the Empowerment Packet for step-by-step instructions on submitting your medical expenses for possible reimbursement.

I’VE HAD MY CONSULTATION WITH A DOCTOR, WHAT IS THE NEXT PHASE? Bariatric Surgery. Does this mean I am also protected for the AspireAssist? Not necessarily, however, if your insurance covers bariatric surgery, your potential for obtaining full or partial payment for the AspireAssist procedure by your insurance is preferable to if your insurance doesn’t cover bariatric surgery. WILL MEDICARE/MEDICAID REIMBURSE or COVER FOR THE ASPIRE ASSIST? At this time, Medicare doesn’t have a “coverage determination” (medical policy) designed for the AspireAssist, however, certain parts of your care or procedure may be covered by Medicare. When you have Medicaid, full or partial coverage may be possible depending on your physician and plan.

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Gum use for GERD has been debated. Many believe it relieves symptoms, while some hold to the thought that it causes much air to be inhaled too. Decide whether chewing gum helps you soon after a meal. In addition to diet, eliminate tobacco completely. This will weaken your throat muscles, which makes it more difficult to heal from GERD related problems.

Other actions you can take to help relieve heartburn include waiting around before lying down after eating. Wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothing, and sleep elevated. Improve the whole head of the bed 6-8 inches with blocks approximately, not only by using pillows. Each person is different and could find that some things cause more problems than others. Keep a journal of your daily diet and find out what things worsen the nagging problem. Guess what happens causes discomfort Once, avoid those foods.

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