Strange Assortment Of Facts Right?

Today, I’m taking to my blog to talk about a bit about my style crush of as soon as, Lauren Elizabeth. Strange assortment of facts right? But she does like to discuss her grandmother a great deal who I believe has appeared in a couple of videos, being the normal nice grandmother we all know and love, and her brother also offers his own video channel.

Her family is very more comfortable with her job on YouTube, and from what I gather are extremely supportive and proud of her. Essentially, she’s a pretty, stylish girl whose niche has becoming being super sarcastic and humorous and talking really fast and being zany. I don’t dig it very much, I favor a calmer personality and also to be honest, sometimes I don’t believe she’s funny, but I watch because I like her style. 1 destination on YouTube for amazing shows and your preferred YouTube personalities. So, I love her style really, and have continued hitting her videos to see all she has to talk about about her tips and tricks.

I really enjoy how she styles her locks, clothes, makeup, etc. and she’s simply a trendy twenty-something I love to watch. Before year or two her style is becoming a lot more grunge-y, that i like and it is on pattern, but might be somewhat off-putting for anybody who isn’t into the ’90s trend and a color scheme of mostly black/gray/white. This is the girl I began watching, who’s feminine and very girly.

The high dilemma of foil makeup lends itself well to evening, but those who cannot wait until after hours can add a prismatic touch by using foil as a focus on on eye or cheekbones throughout the day. Similarly, a neutral foiled lip coupled with an athleisure look is the right lo-fi day look.

  • Body Contouring Process Shapes and Tones Your Body-
  • Swirl suspension system technology
  • Dinner dance
  • Putting cucumber or wet teabags on your eyes will remove puffiness. FALSE

Makeup tendencies come and go. Most of us get bored with how we look and try to change it up a little once and some time. Halloween. We all have had a bad makeup day so when you look at a picture of yourself and say “What was I thinking!” Its time for you to do rethink your makeup. So don’t get caught doing these make-up mishaps!

All that Glitters is NOT Great! I have to see anyone young or old wear glittery eyeshadow well yet. In virtually any application the glitter shadow totally overwhelms the face and it is so distracting you can’t stop taking a look at the people eyelids and not into their eyes. Glitter belongs in arts & crafts not in makeup.

Caked on Foundation. Don’t Spackle on base, natural powder and concealer to hide defects. This will only emphasize the flaw and bring more focus on it. Make use of a moisturizer under makeup and a concealer that is only a couple of tones lighter than your skin-tone. Powder should be applied and check your lifestyle in the mirror lightly, preferably in an identical light that you will be in. In the event that you will inside be outside or, candlelight or florescent light. Use a Moisturizing mist throughout the day to spritz your face and keep makeup looking fresh longer. Eye color Overkill! A rainbow is beautiful however, not on your face.

Too many colors on your face looks artificial and winds up looking dated and whorish. A good rule of thumb is if you are playing up your eye then your lip area should be understated. If you are playing up your lips, your eye should be more subdued then. Faking your lip-line to increase lips. It is a fine range between lip area looking lusciously plump and clownishly fake. This system should cautiously be utilized.

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