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October is upon us, this means now is the perfect time for businesses to start their vacation marketing promotions. As you’ve probably determined by now, digital marketing can work wonders for any traditional advertising campaign, augmenting its reach, effectiveness, and ability to construct brand awareness. This is especially true as it pertains to find engine marketing (SEO), which can help merchants get in touch with more shoppers and increase revenue over the holiday season. The only catch is it often takes time for any effects created by implementing SEO to activate, meaning NOW is the best time to start any SEO campaign for the holiday season.

Below are 8 ideas companies can begin integrating to their own SEO campaigns. Now is the perfect time to capitalize on incoming holiday searches by publishing holiday-themed content on your site. Sure, you’ve probably attempted making aesthetic changes to your homepage before, maybe even offered some kind of holiday-exclusive product or service package deal, but what about the articles on your site?

Naturally, of the year people’s search behaviors change at differing times. During the holidays, many people are in “shopping mode”-between Black Friday, Monday Cyber, and Christmas, it’s no real surprise why. Writing content that’s optimized for the holidays allows you to get these searchers on your site. Quite simply, content geared towards attracting people with buying intent has a higher likelihood of generating more views and conversions.

And although people don’t usually start shopping until mid-November completely to the end of December, today to give search engines time to crawl your content assets you want to begin publishing content. Of course, you can’t just create holiday content without taking the right present and holiday keywords into consideration.

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What you can do is focus on long-tail keywords specific to your niche market and category. Again, back again to the earlier example: you’re a gadgets store. If you don’t know what search terms to experiment with, this is where Google’s Keyword Planner tool will come in. Opt for Google Trends to see trending search terms relevant to your industry. Once you’ve your keywords, it’s just a matter of integrating them across your getting webpages and holiday-themed content resources.

This shouldn’t be not used to you by now, because you’re optimizing your site with the holidays in mind simply. PPC campaigns are ideal for seasonal promotions. If you wish to fast monitor any increases in visitor traffic and conversions, you can operate a PPC marketing campaign on Google AdWords, with your adgroups and ads tailored towards holiday searches, of course.

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