South America CAN BE AN Opportunity AVAILABLE TO Socially Responsible Investors (SRI)

South American nations are abundant with natural resources, while modern developed nations have under total threat the availability of them in their homeland. If South American countries follow the original way to development utilized by Europe, China, USA, and other Parts of asia, we will consume our resources a long time before learning to be a developed nation. I don’t possess data, but obviously an integral part of the growth of the very most sophisticated nations is due to buying cheap natural resources from South America during XX century up to now.

Spain become a very power during two – three centuries due the products of yellow metal and other materials from America on Colonial times ( 1500-1800). Portugal and other empires benefited from the same. These needs for supplies symbolize an opportunity of business and jobs on present time. However, we have to focus on receive investors interested on sustainability, so our resources can last even more time. Chile for example, would depend on coal and oil from other nations totally.

Its own production is almost zero. Our power bills are the priciest in Latina America, because we are employing fossil fuels to create energy mainly. We need investors focused in Renewable energies. Modern nations are coming back from the very basic extraction of resources, and they pay a complete great deal of focus on sustainable practices. But on many cases, they don’t care when they come to South America to run an operation. In 2013 Recently, Barrick Gold large search for yellow metal in the Pascua Lama task, has been put into halt by the Environmental agency in Chile, because they did not meet their own sustainability practices !

They designed something to look after glaciers and water streams, but they didn’t perform what they promised on their executive program. 10.000 million investment being transported on both sides of the Andes, above 4.000 meters of altitude between Chile and Argentina. Why in the world these super leaders in business thought that they could do anything in South America?

They never expected that we are rising our standards and that the Environmental Agency and communities have more power than before. But, the question it is set up still. Why top professionals and top businessmen and large investors, still believe that upon leaving their house country, they have a free license to destroy everything?

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It is an ethical challenge. We need to widen our ethical vision to incorporate mankind and the planet as you entity to which everyone belongs. So, investors arriving to this area of the global world, should apply the same specifications and requirements for caring for the surroundings and communities used when they make investments on their own nation.

The planet is merely the same. Humanity is just one. So, I think South America could benefit a lot from the wisdom acquired by many businessmen and professionals from present developed nations, that are treating wisely their house countries. We need such input, center and vision put to work on Latin America.

Of course, we need that our market leaders and legislation makers also, may adjust old Latinoamerican rules to a more sustainable development. Also, the new path to development is placing focus not only on the goods, services and possessions provided by the market and modern societies. But also is caring for people itself, as communities, families, vulnerable and disabled people. First Nations pledges, education, social services, etc, for the layman. WHILE I studied Economics, all the cases were described large multinational companies. None, described the companies offering 80% of the employment in Chile: Small Businesses. This should be the same in all the others of Latin America.

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