Best Websites For Teaching & Learning 2019

The 2013 Best Websites for Teaching and Learning foster the characteristics of innovation, imagination, active participation, and collaboration. They are free, Web-based sites that are user-friendly and encourage a grouped community of learners to explore and find out. Create connections, encourage collaboration, ignite discussions, or share mutual interests through Pinterest simply. Uploaded or “pin” images and videos from websites, blogs, or your own computer, smartphone, or tablet to make boards. These boards can be private or open public, as well as others can be invited to pin on any of your boards.

Any “pin” can be “repinned”, and all pins will web page link back again to their source. Tip: Have students work in groups to make research projects and share their sources visually. Updates and Flyers become a snap with Smore! Design and create professional online flyers by choosing from a range of templates, styles, and colors to compliment your own audience and style.

With Smore you can embed links, audio, video, pictures, and text message into the flyers and news letters and submit instantly to really get your message and information out quickly then. Tip: Use Smore to create handouts and flyers to announce school and community events. Students and teachers can choose from pre-formatted infographics or start fresh and create their own. My histro offers a venue for stories displayed on maps. Watch and read a large number of amazing timelines, or create your own complete with text, video, and pictures to create a dynamic timeline mashup. Use appropriately developed maps or have students develop their own working collaboratively or separately.

Export maps in a number of formats including .csv, .klm, and pdf for offline looking at or embed them on your website, blog, or wiki for quick access. Tip: Use myhistro to inform stories including what, when, and just why across curriculum quality and areas levels that work like a dream on your interactive display surface.

Flipsnack can be an software used to convert PDF files into a flipping reserve that is easy to use. Simply upload a PDF document, customize the book, and share. The web flip books are designed to resemble regular printing books. You can choose a vintage, hardcover, coil, or interactive flip format for your publication, and a written publication size. Color options for the cover and background are offered also.

Finished flip books can be released privately or publicly and edited anytime. The ultimate flip reserve is professional-looking and attractive. Books can be shared on Twitter and Facebook or emailed and inserted with a watermark. Tip: Students can combine reports or creative writing with pictures and graphics to create flip books that may be shared with parents.

How many of you utilize Shelfari? Well, Biblionasium is the public network students in levels 4 – 12 can use to create virtual bookshelves and keep an eye on what they’ve read, what they like, and what they intend to read. Students will reading more consistently when they connect with friends to share and recommend their favorite books.

English, ELL, and Reading instructors shall appreciate the inclusion of Lexile ranges. Tip: Use Biblionasium in flipped libraries and classrooms to inspire independent reading. LitPick provides free electronic books to students in levels 4-12. Students undertake the role of a written book critic, reading books, developing and posting reviews anonymously on the LitPick site where other students can read them. Members can participate in the LitPick threaded discussion forum with authors also, publishers, publicists, and parents who are interested in learning about YA literature. Tip: Use LitPick to provide access to free eBooks and promote reading reviews for students by students.

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Padlet, called Wallwisher formerly, makes publishing things on the web as easy as pinning records on the bulletin board. Tip: Use Padlet to brainstorm ideas for group tasks or to gather and showcase student work. Workflowy is an easy to use outliner/organizer that functions as a to-do list also. Logging on, you visit a empty page that appears like a portrayed phrase handling record.

After you type your first item, everything simple thing you type becomes part of 1 large list. You can have sub-lists and nested-lists and the best benefit is that you can select any topic and you will see a new page with all of the related items. Workflowy can simply be used in many educational settings, but really can be helpful in arranging assignments.

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